In Focus: Cool Philippine Independence Day Google Doodles Then & Now

In Focus: Cool Philippine Independence Day Google Doodles Then & Now



When you open your computer browser, one of our day's little surprises come in the ever-changing doodles behind the Google search bar. Check it today and be amazed as Google Philippines joins the country's celebration of the 119th Philippine Independence Day by commemorating and making Google's 8th Philippine Independence Day doodle.

Philippine Independence Day 2017

This year's doodle is designed by Filipino illustrator Dan Matutina, featuring Filipinos that are gathered around the Philippine flag for a flag-raising ceremony. It also shows the rising sun symbolizing the Filipinos' still-positive attitude despite everything that is happening in the country. The extra detail of the country's unique island landscapes will make people think of the lookalike rock formation in Coron, Palawan!

Past Philippine Independence Day Google Doodles

2009 This marks the very first time Google made a doodle for the Philippines' celebration of incependence featuring the colors of the Philippine flag.

2010 Google returns and makes a mark with thumbprint details. They came out with this just one month after the 2010 Presidential Elections!

2012 The 2012 doodle gives a more rustic feel with watercolor blues and reds highlighting the iconic three stars and a sun.

2013 This time, Google commemorates Philippine Independence by using The Aguinaldo Shrine in Kawit, Cavite, the venue of the proclamation of Philippine independence, as its backdrop.


2014 The Google doodle shows the very Filipino tradition of "bayanihan" or the act of carrying a house from one place to another where members of the community help the moving family to finish the job.


2015 Google went back to a simple Philippine flag-inspired doodle, accentuating the eight rays of the sun that symbolizes the eight provinces that fought for independence and the three stars that represents the three main islands: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

2016 Last year, Google focused on the iconic Filipino vehicle: the jeepney! On and in it are the people proudly celebrating the country's independence. This doodle also commemorates the then just-finished 2016 Presidential Elections.



Google just keeps on giving the Philippines a lot more to be proud of with their series of doodles. If you were to choose, what do you think would be the best representation of the Philippines? Sound off in the comments below!

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Photographs from Google Philippines




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