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In Focus: Look At What This Meteor Garden Stan Did When She Visited Taiwan!

In Focus: Look At What This Meteor Garden Stan Did When She Visited Taiwan!



In this day and age, traveling has become every millennial's #goals and source of fulfilment. We get excited about every single thing we can do, the wonderful places we can visit, and the beautiful culture we'll be immersing ourselves in. But being the millennials we are, part of the fun are the numerous photos we'd take in order to cherish every single moment.

Binge-watching series has become part of our daily lives. We'd sacrifice our time and our responsibilities just to finish a season of a particular series in a day. We'd use up our time just getting lost and investing our emotions in the complexity of the story that often results to heavy attachment with the characters, the scenes, and the places—basically, fangirling.

And because of some extreme Meteor Garden fangirling, Facebook user Suzanne Dolorito dedicated half of her Taiwan trip going around the country looking for shoot locations of some of the most memorable scenes from the Asianovela that started it all!

Look at what she did when she visited Taiwan! #DedicatedFan

Remember the moment the whole school hated Shan Cai? It was when rumors spread that she cheated on Dao Ming Zi.

Of course, this wouldn't be Meteor Garden without the four boys of F4 walking the hallways like the popular bad boys they are.

 Who wouldn't get kilig when they remember this Shan Cai and Dao Ming Zi date?

The Ying De Cafeteria where our favorite gang spent their college days just being crazy rich asians that own the school—and our existence! 

And of course, the famous lockers where Shan Cai received the infamous red card that says, "YOU'LL BE DEAD" with a huge F4 on  it. 


For more awesomeness, see the complete collection of Suzanne's Meteor Garden tour of Taiwan in her Facebook album!

So to all the Asianovela fangirls out there, you better prep for your next getaway! Take your fangirling to the next level and go extra by living as your favorite heroine for a day by creating the "Ultimate Fangirl Experience" for yourself!


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Banner photograph by Suzanne Dolorito.




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