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In Focus: 10 Things Only Assumptionistas Can Relate To

In Focus: 10 Things Only Assumptionistas Can Relate To


By Marge Gimena
Chalk Campus Correspondent


Since Assumption College isn't a single campus school,  there are different kinds of Assumptionistas in the Philippines. There are the Urban Assumptionistas that studied in the San Lorenzo campus and the Rural Assumptionistas that studied on the mountains from the Antipolo campus—but no matter how different we may be, we still have these common things that only we could understand!

1. The famous Assumptionista ramp. Those huge ramps that support the multi-purpose building are just so tempting to climb! Let's be honest, we all tried to do it once, or twice, or maybe a couple hundred times.


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2. The heavenly coffee buns. This bread is so addictive, we cannot let the day pass without eating at least one! Kudos to the CSS Bakeshop manangs for creating a piece of heaven known as the coffee bun.

Photograph from Foodspotting

3. What field trip? In Assumption, field trips are called educational trips, which mean we never really go to amusement parks—but no regrets! Our school is extra for life because we go to beaches for Biology trips, museums, and more to learn.

Photograph by Krissie Mateo

4. We love nature. We love it so much that we have a mini zoo inside our campus called the Eco Park. How taga-bundok can we ever get?


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5. You can't forget Dr. Bernadette's voice. If there is one thing past and present Assumptionistas will remember, it would be Dr. Bernadette's caressing voice. It gives soul to our annual Vigil, so soothing it seems like it transports us to a different world.


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6. The Assumption School Fair is legendary. No school could ever match the experience you get in our school fairs. Ask anyone—Assumptionista or outsider, they will agree that our annual Assumption School Fair is one of the best school fairs you'll go to, ever!


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7. What happens in cultural shows, stays in cultural shows. When we hear that there will be a cultural show, we just become so giddy with excitement! No, not really. Cultural shows = Our legitimate key to skip classes and sleep. Shhh!


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8. The lengthy free time. We live for the “long recess” announcement. (After the monthly school masses, we anticipate Mrs. Aguilos’ announcement of whether we will have a long recess or not.)


9. The school hymn for the brave. While we don't understand why it's common for schools to create hymns that aren’t actually possible to sing in chorus by students who cannot even carry a simple tune, we still have to sing it. That high note in the Assumption School Song, though—it's so high, only brave souls attempt to and could actually sing it!


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10. All-girls, no malice. Our classrooms serve as extended restrooms. It's just normal for us to change our clothes in the classroom—without any semblance of shame!


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Did we miss anything, Assumptionistas? Tell us in the comments below and reminisce your school days—be it in SanLo or Antip!

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Banner photograph from Assumption College San Lorenzo.




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