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In Focus: #StayStrongTOP—An Open Letter to VIPs Who Never Lose Faith

In Focus: #StayStrongTOP—An Open Letter to VIPs Who Never Lose Faith


By Patricia Louise Mata


To my fellow VIP,

These past few days have been a whirlwind to us. What with the news of our dear Choi Seung Hyun being found positive of marijuana use, to the series of investigations he's undergone (and still has to go through), to being expelled from his military service (which he would have to take all over again after everything’s settled), to him being found unconscious (or deep sleep, whichever makes you feel better) and being admitted in the ICU, to waiting for his vital signs to be stabilized? Everything was just so hard to take.

But the good news has come: T.O.P has awakened and regained his consciousness! And what’s great about this is that we never lost hope. We never gave up on him. We held on to his promise of coming back to us. Just like how BIGBANG’s hit 2016 single “Last Dance” goes, “I will go back to you, if only I can see the beautiful you again, to dance with you while listening to this song.”

However, the strife doesn’t end there. He still has to undergo through court trials and investigations. As he continues to receive backlash and criticisms from the public, his image is currently at stake, so he takes on another challenge of regaining the public’s trust and love this time.

I guess this is what being a true fan (and a VIP, at that) is like: to learn to love your idols unconditionally. To be there, to be able to endure what your idols are going through. To accept them the way they are, especially with a group like BIGBANG who’s considered one of the biggest and most powerful groups in K-Pop; and, at the same time, carrying that carefree, “bad boy” image, it’s just too much. It takes a lot of love, faith, and passion for a fan to be considered a VIP.

To you reading this now, who’s as hopeful as me that T.O.P will be able to redeem himself, let’s not lose faith. Let’s wait until he’s ready to face us all again with a renewed image. We’ll make it through this—with him.


Always with you,
A hopeful and faithful VIP




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