Kitchen Whiz: Tips That Will Surely Bring Out The Joy of Cooking

Kitchen Whiz: Tips That Will Surely Bring Out The Joy of Cooking

Love to cook but hate it when you’re always rushing to prepare a complete meal for the family? Your day doesn’t have to be a whirlwind of prepping and slaving in the kitchen. There’s a way to ease the stress and bring warmth back to the heart of your home. Make it your happy place with these easy and doable steps that can turn your cooking experience Sulit, Sakto, and Safe.  

Plan for the week. First sit back for a moment and assess the week ahead. Will there be days that are busier and packed with activities? Mark them on your calendar. These days will get the recipes that are a breeze to make.

Choose recipes and assess your war chest (pantry cabinet).  Leaf through your favorite cookbook and put together the ones that take the least amount of prepping or the quickest time to cook. Save these for the busy days, then choose your family favorites for the more leisurely days. Mark them on your calendar for easy reference, and because the written word motivates you to go for it until you tick off each one like a bucket list.  Also check your pantry and see what ingredients you currently have. Based on your chosen recipes, make a list of what you need to purchase from the market or grocery. Having a list makes for purposeful or “Sulit” shopping.  Ingredients that get used in several recipes maximizes their use and your time. And on your calendar, note the ones that need advance prepping so you can come prepared for the day’s cooking. 

Make-ahead day. The slowest day of your week could be the day you do your advance preparations. This could be anything from chopping the vegetables and putting them in sealed containers in the freezer or refrigerator, measuring a big batch of dry rub recipe for your roasts and barbecues, marinating your sliced meats, whipping up dressings, or cooking the sauces to freeze in small containers. Storing them this way allows you to get just the right amount that you need. In other words, you get “Sakto” cooking all the time.  Following these steps can greatly reduce your prep time and stress on the day of cooking. Finding your meat all thawed and ready for the fire when you need it is an awesome feeling, guaranteed. Mark it in your calendar so you won’t forget. 

Roll call of ingredients and cooking equipment. Bringing out all the measured ingredients and checking the needed equipment before you start cooking makes for a smooth, orderly process, no more rushing to the cabinet to get the pepper when your hands are already oily or sticky. The ingredients should be at arm’s reach when you need them so you don’t miss out on adding any of them.  Just as correct and complete ingredients are crucial in a recipe’s success, so is the fire that cooks the dish. Not all flames are created equal, and only Petron Gasul gives you the Safe assurance of its consistent Blue Flame that heats your pans fast, and cooks your dish evenly. It helps to have a reliable partner in the kitchen that sees to it you get your cooking done fast, safe and efficiently. 

Ready, set, now cook! Now that you’ve got these tips down to a Sulit, Sakto, and Safe routine,  it’s time to find your rightful place in the kitchen and make it your personal happy space. With Petron Gasul as your partner, you can.

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