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In Focus: Practical Tips To Help You Choose Your College Major

In Focus: Practical Tips To Help You Choose Your College Major


By Joelle Theresa Ngo


"Is this major be right for me?" This is a question that haunts every student about to graduate from senior high. We know that choosing a major for college can be really confusing as the decision comes with so much pressure and, sometimes, it can be too much to handle.

That's why we're here to help you because we believe taking this major step towards your college major is something that every student shouldn't have to go through alone. It requires wise discnerment and practical counsel to help you prevent unnecessary trouble on your journey to a degree! So, here are five steps that might make it easier for you to make that decision:


1. Follow your interests and passions, but also know your strengths. Yes, choosing a major that interests you sounds like a good idea—there's actually nothing wrong with it—but it's also important that you have acquired skills that can help you go through those four years of intensive training in college. Passion may get you to where you want, but your skill is what's going to keep you there.


2. Do not be pressured by your parents or the people around you. Most people who were just "forced" by their parents in choosing their major end up being unhappy and unsatisfied with their lives. Most follow their folks' advice without thinking through or knowing the impact or difference it'll make in their lives later on. So, if you want to live a happy life, make sure you choose a major that you really want and find delight in. Your older self will thank you for it. 


3. Ask a feedback from an adviser or someone who knows you really well. Choosing a major is a big decision that will ultimately shape your life more than you can imagine, and it is something that you shouldn't have to decide alone. Seeking others' opinions will help you see and realize things that you wouldn't have come to on your own. You can start by asking the people who you are closest to you, ones who won't impose anything on you, because they'll surely be able to point out strengths and weaknesses that you fail to see on your own. 


4. Get to know people who work in the field that interests you. If you want to know the best insights about future careers you can explore before choosing a major, then there's no better person to ask than someone who actually works in the field that you wish to venture in. Learning the pros and cons is just as important as knowing how to get there because, who knows, it might look appealing to you right now, but what if you realize that it's just not for you? Learn to ask about the important stuff before it's too late. 


5. Try to look at the big picture. Your major may ultimately direct the path of your life, but it doesn't have to dictate your future. Since human beings have fickle emotions, our passions also tend to change from time to time. Although it's not advisable to keep on shifting from one major to another (unless your'e okay with extending your college years and spending a lot more money on tuition), it's worth it to explore the different jobs that your chosen major may lead to and how you feel about them. Considering how your chosen major also performs in the job market is also important if you want to utilize your skills and the tuition you or your parents have invested for your college education.


If you still have no clue what to take up as your major in college, don't worry—it's not the end of the world. Just continue to explore, get to know yourself more and, most of all, stay true to yourself. Eventually, you'll get there! Best of luck!


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