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The Six Fix: 6 Times LizQuen Felt Too Real

The Six Fix: 6 Times LizQuen Felt Too Real



There are tons of love teams out there that make us kilig, but there's just something about LizQuen that melts our hearts in a different way. Aside from their undeniable chemistry, what makes them super adorbs is the way their affection for each other is so evident from their eyes to their smiles whenever they're together. If you still have no idea what we're talking about, here are some of the super kilig-worthy LizQuen moments that make us believe !

When Enrique said that he's willing to wait "forevermore" for Liza.  We all know how strict Liza's parents are, and it's one of the main reasons why the new Darna still can't enter into a romantic relationship—and it's totally understandable. That's why it'd take a lot of patience and resilience for any man to court her, and it looks like Quen is up to the challenge as he says that he's willing to wait for Liza forever. Aww! 


When they recalled the first time they met and how they became close. "Hindi ko in-expect na papansinin ako ni Enrique—Enrique Gil na siya, ano lang naman ako no'n eh, wala lang." Isn't it just adorbs how Liza has absolutely no idea how gorg she is from the start? We love how their first official interaction (the pizza delivery prank call) depicted the kind of relationship they have right now—goofy, sweet, and cute!


When Liza called Enrique as her "special someone." Everyone knows that Quen has had a huge crush on Liza since day one and he has had no qualms showing this. Meanwhile, Liza is often shy when it comes to expressing her feelings for Quen, that's why we almost died when she finally opened up about how she considers Quen as special!


When Quen called Liza's family "his fam." It's one thing for your guy to like your family, and it's another thing for your guy to consider your family as his. Imagine how much Quen would treat and love them even more when he and Liza become official? There's no doubt Quen would make an awesome in-law!


Follow my fam @themilpitaszoo and uncle @joechiminh okay lang!

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When they professed their love for each other. Quen has always been transparent in declaring her love for Liza, but since Liza's still considering a lot of things before she says yes to a relationship with Quen (such as her parents' blessing and her manager's permission), she's still quite hesitant to express her true feelings in front of him. Well, not until this moment in Gandang Gabi Vice when she was asked if she loves Quen. Is it possible to die from kilig? Because we think we just did.


When Quen showed how much he supports Liza in being the new Darna. As speculations started pouring in about Liza playing the 2017 version of Darna, of course, Quen was asked about his opinions. And as usual, he has nothing but nice words for his onscreen sweetheart. "Syempre I will always support her no matter what," he said. "So kung siya talaga, siya talaga," he says. We're just wishing Quen will be given the chance to play Darna's leading man because there's no separating LizQuen as far as we're concerned!


Aren't they the cutest?! Here's to more adorable LizQuen moments in the future!

Banner photograph from Liza Soberano.

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