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Fitness Inspo: This Celebrity Trainer's Two Cents On Body Positivity Is 100% On Point

Fitness Inspo: This Celebrity Trainer's Two Cents On Body Positivity Is 100% On Point

If you're a fitness junkie, or at the very least keen about working out and living a healthy lifestyle, you probably read motivational advice, articles, tips, and what-not on a regular basis. They're very good in sustaining motivation, and giving you that extra push when you really don't have the energy to keep at it. But with the endless stream of fitness stories out there, it can be challenging to weed out which hacks really work and which don't. Which words of wisdom you should follow, and which you should steer clear of.

One woman whose advice we're sure is worth heeding is celebrity fitness trainer Kat Geronimo-Garcia aka Mama Kat. Kathryn Bernardo, Jessy Mendiola, and Megan Young's kickass fitness guru is very opinionated when it comes to matters of wellness sans fluff. Read on for Kat's most knockout advice:

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1. When you've got your purpose down pat, it's not so hard to drag yourself out of bed.

2. Aim to be legit healthy, not just to be pretty.

3. You have the power to change your circumstances... Just. Do. It.

4. Having no time will never be an acceptable excuse for being lazy to work out.

5. Never, ever miss a Monday.

6. Put things in perspective.

7. Your mind is a very powerful ally in your workouts.

8. Compete with only yourself.

9. There are no shortcuts to having a healthy and sexy body.

10. Positivity will take you places.

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