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In Focus: We Discovered The Cute Story Behind This Iconic Liza Soberano Image

In Focus: We Discovered The Cute Story Behind This Iconic Liza Soberano Image

A year and a half ago, Liza Soberano, A-list photographer Doc Marlon Pecjo, celebrity stylist Rex Atienza, hairstylist to the stars Brent Sales, and star makeup artist Mickey See had some extra fun in between layouts of a campaign shoot. As Brent puts it, they of course "had to take the most important layout of all: The Instagram layout." Not even one of them thought, though, that that photo would turn out to be a highly iconic image of the young actress.

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Turned into illustrations...

Images by (clockwise from top left): bhingRIFE, Marisse, JCGM, Maurice-21, Mikhail Ciriaco, and GthugArt 01

And comparison memes by her fans.

One fan even used it as the base design for his tattoo with a twist.

Now it has even become the face on this viral Darna artcard.

Bet you didn't realize all of these were based on one image, yes? But there's really no wonder it became so iconic: The photo showcases Liza at her most beautiful and timeless. "I was actually shocked when I realized just how viral the photo has become. It was such an easy shoot, it's always fast shooting Liza because she's already beautiful," says Doc Marlon. "I'm happy that fans enjoy it, people use the photo; it's good that we have created something like that."

Doc Marlon has been shooting Liza since her modeling days pre-showbiz. Some of their most notable projects include the Star Magic portfolio shoot which launched Liza and the rest of her Star Circle batchmates (including Julia Barretto and Sofia Andres, among others) into the public's consciousness; and Liza's first fashion magazine cover, first solo fashion magazine cover, and first international shoot for a fashion magazine cover (all with Metro Magazine). Even back then during that first Metro shoot, I remember Doc Marlon was already saying how he's got a strong feeling that Liza will be a big star someday.

"More than her beauty, it’s her passion that sets her apart. She works hard, she's very professional. People love her and take care of her, and she takes care of them also. She has her own ways of giving back," he adds.

While we're not Liza Soberano levels in terms of beauty, there is hope! Doc Marlon shares how to have as much soul and depth in photos as Miss Soberano: "Confidence. Liza goes beyond her beauty and shows her soul. To look good in front of the camera, you have to accept that it is what it is and you have what you have. The best thing to do about it is be confident. The most beautiful celebrities, and people in general, go beyond the limitations of their physical appearance. They care more about their soul and personality."

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