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In Focus: How Angel, Kathryn, Julia, And Jodi Find Real Friendship With Their Non-Showbiz Besties

In Focus: How Angel, Kathryn, Julia, And Jodi Find Real Friendship With Their Non-Showbiz Besties

It takes two to tango, especially in a relationship that you would want to keep forever. Yet, how does it feel if that trustworthy confidante who will be with you through good times and bad happens to be popular, while the other half of the relationship is on another career path. These celebs show us how to maintain that beautiful thing called friendship even with a busy schedule, or even if you’re worlds apart.


Angel Locsin and Lani Diaz

Their friendship began when they were both shooting for a comedy show. Years later, as Angel’s star continues to shine, and Lani Diaz chose a life of privacy, their friendship is just as strong. When Lani got married in 2012, Angel Locsin served as her maid of honor. Even if Lani, who is a nurse by profession, moved to the US, they still keep in touch. How does their friendship endure? Being sweet such as having a term of endearment is one. They call each other Goy, from unggoy (proving that humor has space in this friendship).With an ocean between them, Angel displays her love for with shoutouts telling the world she misses her best friend. But, the most important thing is being there for each other, as Angel makes time for Lani and her family. When Lani was still based here there would be surprise visits to Aklan or even planned sleepovers. Recently, Angel posted a pic of Lani, Lani's son, and their other friend Dimples Romana in BGC. Another post was of the two besties in a ball pit.


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Kathryn Bernardo and Arisse de Santos

This two girls met on the set of the movie Sisterakas. Arisse’s then-boyfriend was called by his manager, and Kathryn was part of the cast. From there, the two hit it off keeping in touch ever since. This bubbly blogger shares that they seem to think alike, having the same taste in food and clothes. She also shares that she can talk to Kathryn about anything. But apart from the conversations, these lovely ladies make time for some adventure. They share the same fitness coach, and these soul sisters find ways to work out at the same time. They even took beach trips and out of the countries travel together (sometimes with their special someone in tow). 


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Julia Montes and Harlyn Fernandez

It helps if you see your gal pal at work, and this is exactly what Julia Montes and her makeup artist Harlyn Fernandez has for them going. These two give up some tips on how to bond. Whether it be for work or pleasure, ensure that you have your best work bud with you. Such is the case when these two went to Bangkok. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt if you go out of your way to make your friend feel special. Julia stays sweet by giving Harlyn gifts such as flowers on Mother’s Day. And can you believe that Julia even did Harlyn’s makeup on her wedding day last year? It might be a change of roles, but this is how the Doble Kara actress showed support for the new Mrs. Santos.


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Jodi Sta. Maria and John Perey

These two have been the best of friends since high school. Now, their two decades of friendship is like it was before even if they chose to show off their passions differently. We all know that Jodi is an Emmy-nominated actress, but her best friend chose to touch other people’s lives in another way and that is by teaching. They preserve their relationship with intimate talks over their favorite food. They cook each other meals or simply go out to dine! 

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