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The Six Fix: Weirdly Awesome Chocolate Concoctions That Will Make Your Taste Buds Go Cray

The Six Fix: Weirdly Awesome Chocolate Concoctions That Will Make Your Taste Buds Go Cray

We can’t find a reason to not like chocolate. From its health benefits to its taste, chocolate is a definite cheat day staple or a #simplejoy to reward yourself for every job well done. While we love our chocolate often as candies and ice cream flavors, we’ve also come across other creative ways it’s done. Take cues from these everyday dishes, which may look and taste either delicious or absurd. Foodies, are you ready for these chocolate fusions?


Chocolate-covered bacon. Originally created by Marini’s in 2008, the unusual combination of bacon and chocolate is actually tasty. Its sweet-salty taste may sound strange at first, but those who have tried it like this rather unusual treat.

Chocolate burger. In Italy—the home of Nutella hazelnut chocolate, McDonalds decided to transform its burger into a dessert with its Nutella burger. A generous serving of hazelnut chocolate spread is substituted for a beef patty. We'll definitely scream “yasss” if a “big mac” version of this delectable dessert existed.

Chocolate éclair hot dog. How about substituting your hotdog bun for chocolate éclair? This sinful concoction, substituting ketchup and mustard for whipped cream, was revealed by Maple Lodge Farms at the Canada National Exhibition in 2012. If you want to have dinner and dessert in one go, or you are not calorie-conscious, this is your go-to meal.

Chocolate soup. For French chef Pierre Gagnaire, having soup as dessert is a great idea—especially if it involves chocolates. A recipe found at Gagnaire’s cookbook The Five Seasons Kitchen, his chocolate soup is a great supper alternative for those cold, rainy nights where you crave for something hot and sweet.

Chocolate wine. Chocolate and wine complement each other, so why not make a chocolate-flavored wine? Chocolate Shop and ChocoVine made the fusion a reality, with footballer Cristiano Ronaldo as a fan of the drink.  Those who have tasted it praised its fruity and sweet taste, saying chocolate and wine are "natural partners".


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