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The Six Fix: Forget Your Feels! We’d Rather Watch These Brilliantly-Done, LOL-Inducing Viral Ads!

The Six Fix: Forget Your Feels! We’d Rather Watch These Brilliantly-Done, LOL-Inducing Viral Ads!

“Boosted,” “sponsored,” or not, there are many ways an advertisement goes viral online. Sometimes, it has an LSS-inducing jingle sung by the country’s hottest. Sometimes, it bears a universal hugot-filled story to easily tug on our heartstrings. Yet, there are ad agencies and brands gearing away from the tearjerker approach lately, and instead make use of humor to literally tickle us. It is a refreshing trend, actually. Marketing Professor Mark Levit explained in an article that the use of humor helps advertisers two ways: By entertaining their audience, and by attracting them to the product they are offering.

This calls to mind some recent local commercials that have been viewed over a million times and shared over a thousand times to become easy topics of conversation. Was humor effective as a tool in each of these campaigns? You be the judge!



1. Manulife’s stand-up comedian monologue. Making people laugh and explaining the importance of persistence: It’s the perfect combo if you ask us! Comedy Manila’s Victor Anastacio (a jester himself) goes at it in this commercial, where he recites about “missing” his dad only to find out his old man was just out for a bathroom break!

2. KFC’s First Filipino Colonel audition. Veteran actors that they are, Pen Medina, Ronaldo Valdez, and Leo Martinez try to venture into commercial modeling at this go-see for the first Filipino Colonel Sanders!

3. Belo Essentials BB Cream’s dance show featuring a man in heels. What does this brand’s body spray cream give you? Blindingly smooth legs that know no gender. The #IDidNotSeeThatComing message comes across at the latter part of the vid!

4. Unilab's Bes campaign. The real meaning of #BFFgoals? Supporting your bestie, no matter how hilarious or crazy are her decisions in life. 

5. Boysen Wanda campaign. Remember Boysen’s “Preso” ad before? The brand has come up with another iconic one with transgenders as the lead. It captures a scenario that cheaters out there, ehem, are too familiar of. How to hide your kabit from your legal wife? Bathe her in a bucket of fresh paint next to the wall of the same color.

6. Pepsi amBAEsadors. What happens when the ever-social media-silly Nico Bolzico invites the Blogger Jowas (Slater Young, Miggy Cruz, Joni Koro, and Santi Cua) for a road trip? A super sabaw carpool moment that can match James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke series!

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