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The Six Fix: Fictional Men We Wish Were Real (The TV Edition)

The Six Fix: Fictional Men We Wish Were Real (The TV Edition)



If you find yourself emotionally attached to a certain TV series, chances are, you're also emotionally attached to its characters. You may even be "in love" with some of the characters—and when we say in love, we mean like-you-wanna-marry-them kind of love. That's why it makes it so easy for you to spend a copious amount of time watching your fave series, right? Even if your family and friends are often confused with how much time you're investing in it, as the saying goes, "Time spent doing what you love is never wasted"—and time watching your "imaginary husband" on TV will be something you'll never regret doing; because, well, it's the only way we get to see them.

For The TV Edition of our Fictional Men series, we've rounded up some of our favorite TV characters we wish were real, because ain't that a dream come true? 

Dean Winchester from Supernatural

Who wouldn't want to meet this modern ghostbusting cutie? He may be quite the rebel on the outside, but he's definitely a sweet softie on the inside! His selfless nature and the way he treats his loved ones will easily win your heart. He may not be perfect, but his wacky sense of humor and protective nature—not to mention, his über gorgeous face—are guaranteed to win your heart!


Derek Shepherd a.k.a. "Dr. McDreamy" from Grey's Anatomy

This guy captivated our hearts since the first time we watched Grey's Anatomy. Aside from being a talented neurosurgeon, he's also arguably the sweetest, most romantic, best looking guy you've ever seen on TV. Just take a look at this scene. Sigh.. Men like McDreamy are the reason why we have such unrealistic expectations of men IRL! 


Harvey Specter from Suits

Because who in their right mind wouldn't fall for this sharp and smart man? There are dozens of intelligent and handsome men on TV, but Harvey is absolutely the smartest and swaggiest of 'em all! He may come off arrogant and over-confident, but there's no doubt that you'll learn tons of stuff from him—and c'mon, who wouldn't wanna date a guy who's as brilliant, smart, successful, and bold as Harvey?


Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead

While we're currently not experiencing a zombie apocalypse, you just know you're in good hands when you have a stand-up guy like Rick Grimes around. This former sheriff may be an awesome zomblie slayer, but he's a pretty good husband and father, too. Ain't that a perfect combination?


Chandler from Friends

This adorably awkward and goofy guy is just what every girl needs in her life: someone who'll brighten up our day with his sense of humor and someone to give us a shoulder to cry on during our trying times. You've witnessed how he's been a great friend, better boyfriend, and eventually a perfect husband to Monica, so don't you wish to have your very own Chandler in your life, too?


Jughead from Riverdale

His introspective and mysterious charm has easily drawn us to his character, but the way he protects, courts, and loves Betty would definitely make any girl swoon! Can you imagine how awesome it'd be to date such a guy IRL?! Jughead is the type who will go the extra mile to make his girl happy—and with his huge appetite and love for food, it's guaranteed that you'll always end up with a happy tummy, too! 


Honestly, there are still so many characters that can be on this list! Do you have anyone else in mind that we've failed to include in our list? Let us know in the comments! 

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