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Daily Diaries: Calligraphy, Camping, And Other New Experiences Making Kris Love Life More

Daily Diaries: Calligraphy, Camping, And Other New Experiences Making Kris Love Life More

At 46, Kris Aquino meets millennials halfway by first using social media as her platform and then filling it with stuff the young ones could also conveniently relate to. Her YouTube channel is laden with noteworthy video content. Heart to Heart with Kris AquinoKris’ Faves and Finds, Kris List—all these series form a direct dialogue between the life-sized caricature and public figure that is Kris with the jumpy, indecisive, easily distracted under-35s.

Kris specifically describes Kris List as her "personal list" of new experiences, carrying fresh perspective and insights that come about for each she undertakes every video. The Queen of all Media somehow represents the millennial who’s out to try the newest things. In the past Kris List episodes (six as of this writing), here are what she has re-learned!


1. Practice makes perfect. Kris went nostalgic with the idea of handwriting in this episode. For the longest time, she admired the handwriting of her mom Cory Aquino and sisters Bally, Pinky, and Viel. For her part, Kris puts a personal touch to each note she made, from the message down to how she wrote each note. With her desire to “level up” her handwriting, she decided to undergo calligraphy classes and rekindle her appreciation with handwriting.

With Life After Breakfast’s Alessa Lanot as her teacher, Kris learned the importance of proper spacing for each letter with every stroke of the pen. She also learned how to take things one step at a time in order to unveil its full beauty. It may have taken several times for Kris to write here in this ep, but it was patience that eventually gave her the peace and content she's desired.

2. No matter how tight you can be as a parent, don't deprive your kids of the little things. Kris always listened to her two sons' wishes. In this video, she granted son Bimby’s wish to go camping in Caliraya, Laguna. Even with no prior to experience with camping, Kris was hands-on with Bimby. From setting up a tent and fishing down to walking around the campsite area and flying a kite, she made sure she gave Bimb the full camping experience.

3. You're always held responsible for at least one life the moment you take the wheel. Kris gives priority to having a trusted driver for herself and her family. In her desire to learn more about road safety, she tagged along with motoring journalist James Deakin on a road trip around Mall of Asia. Deakin took the wheel explaining how road safety starts from one’s physical, thorough inspection of his/her car.

Continuing with their conversation with road safety, Kris asked Deakin how he keeps his cool on the road amidts traffic jams and all. Deakin could only reply, "People generally behave better when they are being watched.” He then went on about the importance for cars to have dashcams.

4. The process is what makes a dish authentic. There’s no denying about Kris’ love for cooking. Through the years, she's understood the process and layers that go with every dish, no matter how simple it is. In this episode, Kris took time to learn how to cook authentic Bicolano laing with fashion designer Avel Bacudio in an old capiz and adobe house.

Bacudio, a self-confessed laing expert, detailed the process involved including the search for quality pork, freshly-squeezed coconut milk, and dried gabi leaves as ingredients. He also shared a few of his secrets, which included not mixing the ingredients while cooking. “Dapat galing sa puso (ang pagluluto),”  he remarked.


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