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Kitchen Whiz: The Quickest Breakfast Fruit Smoothie To Get You Out The Door

Kitchen Whiz: The Quickest Breakfast Fruit Smoothie To Get You Out The Door

Sometimes, you hit the snooze button on that alarm and suddenly there's absolutely no time to have breakfast. When attempting a shake or smoothie for the first time, don’t be overwhelmed by the many ingredients. Most of us certainly aren't baristas. Toss your ingredients in the blender, but not for too long or it will turn into juice. Perhaps about one minute in, check in with a spoon to see if it’s thick enough for you. If it isn’t, blend a bit more. Get to that quick and easy breakfast banana shake with this three-ingredient recipe!

Ingredients (don't overblend to maintain thickness): 

  • 3/4 cup of low-fat yogurt drink (the Holly's one preferrably),
  • 10 small ice cubes
  • 1 medium banana (Dole ones would be considered large).

The yogurt used was already sweetened. No sugar added. Ice, banana, creamy real dairy yoghurt by Holly’s, and voila! Alternatively, if you have no access to Holly’s Dairy products (sister brand of Carmen’s Best Ice Cream), you can use Pascuals plain Creamy Yoghurt that is available in groceries. We like the sweetened creamy taste of that one, too!

Try to avoid using additional sugar if you’re keeping it healthy. Go with honey to add more sweetness, instead. Switch up the banana with any favorite fruit if the sweetness of the yogurt isn’t enough for you. To jazz it up, you can even toss in a scoop of protein powder (available at health stores like GNC). The result: A power dose that's fresh, quick, and good for you!

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