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In Focus: What Now-Book Author Sarah Lahbati Can Teach Us About Owning Your Beauty

In Focus: What Now-Book Author Sarah Lahbati Can Teach Us About Owning Your Beauty

For Philippine showbiz standards, Sarah Lahbati is the epitome of "beautiful." Her legions of fans would think so, and so would newly signed hubby Kapamilya Richard Guiterrez. Would you believe there was a time where the Swiss-Filipina couldn’t say the same for herself?

In an interview on Tonight With Boy Abunda, the 24-year-old mom revealed that she went through “an ugly phase during high school, where I was sad all the time.” But rather than talk solely about how she got over that ugly phase in the physical sense, Sarah was quick to point out that, “Beauty comes from within... how you treat people, how you treat yourself, how genuine you are. It’s all about staying inspired no matter what situation you’re in.”

All this is reflected in her new book True Beauty: How to Glam Your Life Inside and Out. We caught wind of some excerpts published online, and it’s refreshing, introspective, yet easy-to-understand take on what beauty actually means, will inspire any mother and woman to live a beautiful life everyday!

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Sarah’s message on the beauty of individuality. Beauty isn’t only on the outside. It also applies to a woman's attitude and the things she does to grow as a person.  Self-assurance and an open mind will make any woman radiate.


Yass? ??

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Sarah’s message on sticking to your goals. We all aspire for things. But oftentimes, the effort required to achieve them becomes too great to bear. The easy and tempting way out is to just give up. But if your heart and mind are truly set on the vision you have of yourself, then your goals are, as she puts it, worth fighting for. 


always fight for your goals no matter how difficult it can get. it'll be worth it. #truebeauty

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Sarah’s message on celebrating you. It’s easy to pretend to be something you’re not, especially when you don’t like the person that you are. Sarah reminds us to embrace who we are and what we look like. And that embracing ourselves has to start from us. 



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Sarah’s message on eating well. With glowing skin, luxuriant hair, and a trim bod, the Sarah is a real vision of health. And while she can afford the most expensive products and beauty treatments in the country, a large part of her overall well-being is thanks to good food—good not just in terms of taste, but in the vitamins and minerals packed. Her diet helps her stay woke and happy.



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