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The Six Fix: Things We Can't Wait To See In The New Darna Movie

The Six Fix: Things We Can't Wait To See In The New Darna Movie



Darna is undoubtedly one of the most important Filipino superheroes ever. Since her comic debut in the 1950s, she has proven time and time again that the future is female. The iconic Filipino superhero is an inspiration for every woman who wants to be empowered, and who can fault them? Darna/Narda is one hell of a strong woman whether as a superhero or a human.

The Darna role has been passed on from generation to generation, with various actresses playing the role of the simple woman Narda who turns into the fiery heroine Darna when she swallows a small piece of majestic meteorite and shouts, "Darna!"

And now, after months and months of playing the guessing game, it's now official—the next actress to portray the legendary role and don the famous red suit is the lady who's beautiful inside and out—Liza Soberano. To celebrate the announcement, here are six things we can't wait to see in the new Darna movie!

1. The “Darna!” Shout

A Darna film will not be complete without the iconic “Darna!” shout. It's essential for Narda to transform into the fiery superhero. It may even be one of the things people look forward to the most! Knowing Liza and her personality, can we expect a mahinhin “Darna!”, or will she veer away from her lady-like personality and surprise us with a more forceful and fiercer shout? We can’t wait to hear how Liza will transform into the titular character!


2. The Narda-Darna Transformation

With rumors rounding the interwebs that the new Darna movie will have a huge budget, we can't help but expect an expensive production that pulls out all the stops. How will Narda transform into Darna? Will there be smoke? Will there be fireworks? All we know is that CGI will surely play a big part in this fim, and we're hoping that we'll finally have a Filipino movie that will blow us away with its special effects. Darna deserves the best, and we're sure diretor Erik Matti won't let us down when it comes to production value. Just look at his past works—all are worth watching. In Direk Matti, we trust!


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3. The Darna Costume

Part of the action heroine's iconic look is her daring red two-piece suit. But knowing that Liza Soberano is young, sweet, and conservative, there have been rumors that the costume will undergo a redesign. TBH, we're excited to see a new, age-appropriate red suit—one that won't compromise the confidence and poweful appeal that Darna possesses!


4. Who is Ding?

Aside from the titular character, people are also excited to know who Darna's sibling/side-kick will be. After all, he will be the guardian of the stone, and the memorable line, "Ding, ang bato!" will not exist without him. There are a lot of talented child stars who we're sure can hold their own alongside Liza, but the two that are top of our minds are Awra Briguela and Onyok Pineda. In our opinion, these two youngsters can give fresh takes on the Ding role. Onyok can give an adorable and highly energetic Darna sidekick—making us feel for him if Ding comes too close with danger. Awra, meanwhile, can give us the sassiest and freshest Ding ever—representing kids in the LGBT spectrum, and would make him the very first openly gay kid to play the said role.


5. The Venomous Valentina

Valentina is the quintessential supervillain to Darna—she is half-snake and half-human. Not only are the two the representation of good and evil, they are also competing for the heart of the same guy. And ever since the announcement of the new Darna film, netizens have been rooting for Anne Curtis to be the ever dangerous and poisonous Valentina, and we can’t help but agree! Anne has an equally beautiful face to match Liza, making it realistic enough that a guy will find himself torn between these two gorgeous ladies. It's too bad that Anne has swiftly denied the rumors—but it's only made us even more excited to know who's going to be the big baddie for the new film! 


6. Enrique Gil's Character

There's nothing wrong with a strong woman falling in love, right? With Enrique Gil being Liza's love team, we can't help but wonder if he's going to appear in this new movie, too. Will they create a new character that will suit Enrique's personality? Will he be a formidable love interest alongside Liza? Since the LizQuen chemistry is out of this world, we're actually looking forward to this addition. Where Liza goes, Enrique follows—and you can be sure it's going to be a blockbuster hit!


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Here's a bonus video of Liza working out! Isn't she this generation's perfect Darna?


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There are a lot of things we're excited to see in the new Darna, and we can't wait for the movie to surprise us. Are you a diehard Darna fan? What do you want to see in the upcoming film? Tell us in the comments!

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