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In Focus: Elmo Magalona Gives His Tips For Aspiring Millennial Musicians

In Focus: Elmo Magalona Gives His Tips For Aspiring Millennial Musicians



Just last year, what was once a dream for Elmo Magalona turned into reality when he released his debut album under Universal Records. While he may have already been a viable actor, Elmo proves he's just as good a musician—his album, Elmo, hit number one on the iTunes PH Album Chart.

Chalk got the chance to sit down with the 23-year-old actor/musician during the launch event of Billboard Philippines a few weeks ago, and he dished out some important pieces of advice for aspiring millenial musicians. If you want to establish a name for yourself in the industry, read on for Elmo's tips on how to boost your music career!

1. Always be true to yourself.

"You have to be able to be attached to your music. You should not ride the wave of what's current and what is popular, just because it's popular. You have to be comfortable and you have to be  yourself."


2. Have fun.

"You have to have fun when you make music. Music makes lasting memories. So if you have fun while making music, you'll also have good memories to take along with you."

3. Be sure to work with a lot of different musicians.

"Collaborate with different artists. You don't know what kind of music you're going to make with other talented musicians, so don't limit yourself. If you mix your kind of music with someone' else's, you might be able to create unique songs that no one has ever done before."

4. Be free with your music.

"If you have music in you but you think you're not confident with it, just be free. Everyone has their own taste, everyone has their own style–don't be afraid to show it off. People will appreciate it!" 


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