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The Six Fix: 6 Times Celebs Pushed Fashion Boundaries

The Six Fix: 6 Times Celebs Pushed Fashion Boundaries



Browsing red carpet photos is always amusing because aside from witnessing the latest trends worn by your fave stars, you'll never know what kind of surprises you're going to encounter—and, sometimes, these fashion surprises go waaay beyond your imagination. 

For #ThrowbackThursday, we've rounded up some of the most mind-blowing outfits that have left all of us bewildered yet equally amazed at the sheer guts these celebrities have worn!

Lady Gaga

Who could forget this meat dress that Lady Gaga wore to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards (seven years ago!)?  Everyone probably thought it was the weirdest thing anyone has ever worn on the red carpet, but that's just exactly what we love about her—she never fails to wow us with what she's going to do next! And who would've thought that this outfit would end up being displayed in Rock & Roll Hall of Fame under the Women Who Rock exhibition?


Nicki Minaj

If there's anyone who deserves props for her outrageous and fearless fashion choices, Nicki Minaj has proven herself to be worthy so many times over. The hitmaker undoubtedly turned everyone's heads at the MTV Video Music Awards' red carpet in 2011 with this chaotic Gareth Pugh mirrored assemble. We're still wondering what she was going for with this crazy outfit because we still can't comprehend it—and we loves it!



Miley Cyrus

The "Malibu" singer may have a totally transformed her look now, but no one can forget the wild and daring Bangerz era—including this outfit she wore to the MTV Video Music Award red carpet in 2015. As we browse through her old photos, we find ourselves refreshed that Miley has moved on from her heartbroken twerking phase.


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Yep, your chest isn't exactly where your belt should go, but we can't help but think about how convenient it would be to ditch our bras and shirts and follow the lead of this award-winning singer. This wasn't the first time that Halsey dared to be bare on the red carpet, too, so we're wondering what she's going to wear on the red carpet next!


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Katy Perry

While Miz Perry is no stranger to looks that are out there, but her outing at the recently concluded Met Gala 2017 (which she co-chaired this year) is possibly one of her most dramatic yet. Decked out in Maison Margiela, Katy turned heads on the red carpet—and while it wasn't received well by many, it was still talked about, right?


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Ke$ha is no stranger to strange outfits–but this wacky neon outfit that she wore at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2010 still has us scratching our heads even until now. One thing's for sure, though: This rave outfit means she can't get lost in a dark room.


These outfits may seem outrageous to most people, but if there's one thing we've learned from these stars, it would definitely be being confident in our own skin and dressing up for no one else but yourself—because who else can make us comfortable and beautiful but ourselves?


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Photographs from Haus of Mother Monster (Lady Gaga), Onika's Wardrobe (Nicki Minaj), ENextDoor (Miley Cyrus), HalseyHarper's Bazaar US (Katy Perry),  MTV News (Ke$ha).




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