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The Six Fix: Post-Summer Parent Primer—Celebs On Allotting Quality Play Moments With Your Kids

The Six Fix: Post-Summer Parent Primer—Celebs On Allotting Quality Play Moments With Your Kids

There are hundreds of new advanced activities to do with kids today. What can we say, it's a modern world. Screens, tech stuff, and electronics dominate the scene, they're part of a whole new reality when it comes to raising kids. There are a couple of timeless activities though that we think never ought to be phased out in the parenting chapter, especially in the early years where cognitive, hands-on interaction is highly recommended. There is no counterfeit for personal interaction.


1. Piggy-back exploring with pops. John Prats and his fun-loving daughter, Feather, show us that dad's shoulders always take us to new heights the fun way.  The elation of piggy-back riding is unforgettable for kids. It's one thing to be up high, but to be up there and feel completely safe because of the person underneath is the most fun and enduring thing. Former Azkal footballer Anton del Rosario and son Miles also stroll along the streets in Shibuya, Tokyo with father and son swag.


Good Morning!

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2. Surfing once you're good at standing. Andi Eigenmann and Ellie are the spunkiest mother-daughter besties. We love how Andi doesn't shelter Ellie from adventurous activities like surfing even at her age. It looks pretty cool and makes some of us who've never surfed want to give it a go as well.


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And for the best part, here is my very own Lilo getting up the board on her second try! Sa uulitin, @surfskwela!????

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3. Walks along the beach. Paolo Valenciano recently went to Amanpulo with his in-laws. His daughter ,Nataleia, took her first sandy beach steps along the shoreline and the adorable shot taken was nothing short of sublime.


Her first time on sand. ?

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4. Boat rides with just Mom and Dad. All aboard, of course right away, when the Captain and First Mate on your "ship" are Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati! Zion looks pretty psyched to head out to open sea with his two dearest.



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5. Morning cuddle time in Mom and Dad's bed is sacred. Baby Archie Burnand looks like he's having a blast with his Dad taking pseudo baby steps in bed. Precious morning time with kids before the day tumbles down on you instills in their hearts one particular thought, that they come first.


Life doesnt get any better than this????

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6. Bubble-making/blowing. The wondrous clean fun of bubble-making is always a treat for kids, and clean-up is a breeze. It makes them wide-eyed and asking for more especially if you're working with giant bubble sets. Here, Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo and daughter Luna enjoy the fun of growing a big one.


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