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The Six Fix: 6 K-Drama Bromances We Loved As Much As The Actual Romance

The Six Fix: 6 K-Drama Bromances We Loved As Much As The Actual Romance


By Jonnie Anne Ngo
Chalk Campus Correspondent


For Korean drama fans like us, a new show doesn't always just mean finding a new pairing to ship. Sometimes, we just can't help but notice the bromances! Admit it, the feels can get pretty uncontainable when you realize that you're not just rooting for the couple—you end up laughing and smiling with the lead and his partner-in-crime, too! From being enemies or frenemies to best friends, these are the six K-dramas that will leave you breathless with the bromances!

Descendants of the Sun’s Yoo Si Jin and Seo De Young

As Captain and Sergeant Major of South Korea’s Special Forces, these two have given us life—from saving the world, to running around together while being chased by their enemies, to teaming up when they're caught by their girlfriends. Big Boss and Wolf just do everything together better, which makes their bromance even more amusing! Kamsahamnida, Song Joong Ki and Jin Goo!


Guardian: The Lonely and Great God’s Goblin and Grim Reaper

Who would have thought that a love-hate relationship could make turn into the best kind of friendship? Goblin, portrayed by Gong Yoo, and Grim Reaper, played by Lee Dong Wook, have captured all our hearts with their super kulit bromance. Despite the tragedy they experienced in their past lives, the two eventually became what the other needed to get through the drama. May it be on- or off-cam, these bros have undeniable bro-chemistry. (Some even argue that their friendship was much more interesting than the Goblin's relationship with the Goblin's Bride!) Did you know that Lee Dong Wook even fought for his role as Grim Reaper when he got rejected? Heol, we can't imagine anyone else taking on his role. Not to mention Gong Yoo was his senior during his military days, which explains their brotherly friendship in real life.

Rememer how we all loved this scene?


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’s Ahn Min Hyuk and Gook Du

Sorry, Nam Joo Hyuk! But these two just nailed their onscreen bromance while filming Strong Woman. Park Hyung Sik as CEO Ahn Min Hyuk and Ji Soo as police officer Gook Du, together, helped each other save the world even with their opposite points of view. The two are like cat and dog, but it's no biggie. Do Bong Soon doesn't have to worry!  


Jealousy Incarnate’s Lee Hwa Shin and Ko Jung Won

Whether you ship one of these two with the leading lady or not, we can't deny the fact that their friendship is one of the sweetest bromances ever! The way they go the extra mile for each other—whether through knowing each others' favorite things or simply being there for each other through ups and downs—makes us fall for their characters! Despite the love triangle in the drama, Hwa Shin (Jo Jung Seok) and Jung Won (Go Kyung Pyo) fight for their friendship. Aren't they so sweet?!



Chief Kim’s Kim Sung-Ryong and Seo Yool

Seo Yool (2PM’s Lee Jun Ho) and Chief Kim (Namgung Min) or known as "Gluttonous Sociopath and TQ's Psycho" are known to be frenemies in the drama. They either compete with each other or join forces together; but, in the end, their bromance still shines through that even non-fans feel happy with their childish acts of love and hate!


School 2013’s  Go Nam-soon and Park Heung-soo

Last but not the least, Go Nam Soon played by Lee Jong Suk, and Park Heung Soo, played by Kim Woo Bin, in School 2013 cap off our list. These models-turned-actors are the most popular stars to hold the "Best Bromance" title. Not only did they show their love and support for each other onscreen, but they actually took the bromance in real life as well! We still can't move on from their friendship, can we?


Don't you agree that K-Drama bromances are even more amusing to watch than the lead couple sometimes? What do you think?  Did we miss your fave bromance couple? Let us know in the comments below!


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Banner photograph from Goblin's Official Poster. GIFs from Heartou (Yoo Si Jin and Seo De Young), Cécile Ceciloulout (Grim Reaper and Goblin), Seunrig (Lee Hwa Shin and Ko Jung Won),  Soompi (Kim Sung-Ryong and Seo Yool),  Jongbin89 (Go Nam-soon and Park Heung-soo)





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