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The Six Fix: Pull Off 'Underage Dressing' With Understated Elegance A La Anne Curtis!

The Six Fix: Pull Off 'Underage Dressing' With Understated Elegance A La Anne Curtis!

There's a fine line in fashion that's pretty tricky to walk along, that being the line between clothing suitable or geared towards minors or younger girls and outfits in the same style vein but for older women. Sometimes with the aim to look modern or "hip," a sartorial landslide happens and some find themselves looking like misfits, overtaken in juvenile, trying-too-hard getups. There are ways to stand out in mod style without looking like a sore thumb. With the weaving of certain style magic and some mystic ability, showbiz darling Anne Curtis manages to wear "kiddie" looks that always levels up to girl-next-door chic.


1. Back-to-school cool? For a day out, she's clad in a preppy romper. A pair of shades and a chic lob of hair with no accessories or clips overall help keep this look away from the underage bracket.


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2. Pretty in pink. An accented collar and a sweetheart plunge in baby pink together slightly hint at teenage life, but these details also give a nod to sexy in a covered up way.

3. When it's T-shirt day. There is always that casual, comfy day when you just don't wanna overthink it and head out in a good ol' tee. Slap on some lipstick to lift the look up and away from pambahay levels.


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4. Boarding school baby. We can't help but think of the Harry Potter kids with Anne's fresh and fun style look here. The cardigan just makes us think of young British girls away at boarding school!


My little #TofuCurtisSmith ?? Happy Weekend!!

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5. The printed minidress. Sitting with Mogwai her cat and Grizzly her pomeranian dog, Anne looks as cute as a button in this dainty and mini yet colorful dress. Go for bold and neat patterns in rich non-pastel colors to keep the look slightly more sophisticated.

6. Clip it cute. Who remembers wearing small barrette clips in the 90s? To try the look once again without looking like you need to line up for the flag ceremony, find sleek metal, non-plastic hair clips. Neatly insert or attach one of which or more to a bob or lob of hair, and what you get is "kawaii" level of pretty!


????TAMIS ???? ??: @plainsandprints ????: @iamantoniopapa #ANNEsemble

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