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In Focus: Gong Yoo Fans, Gather! Let's Discuss Why The K-Drama Hunk Is Still Single!

In Focus: Gong Yoo Fans, Gather! Let's Discuss Why The K-Drama Hunk Is Still Single!

"I'll get married one day. I have to get married. I want a baby, too," Gong Yoo declared in a KBS World interview.

Turning 38 this July, Gong Yoo could as well be one of South Korea's hottest bachelors. Think of the international film star as the Korean version of the UK's thinking-woman's crush Benedict Cumberbatch. Gong Yoo is similar to Benedict as a heartthrob, being tall, lean, eloquent, overtly proper, self-deprecating, and seemingly shy of his own fame all at the same time.

So, you want to get married, too, Gong Yoo? We hear you, our dear crushie. But just a note from your fans, if ever you finally find someone, we would want you to give us dibs on the details first.


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What is Gong Yoo's type anyway? When asked what women have to do to be his girl, Gong Yoo simply said on a KBS World Star Date Interview. "Work on your soul."

Yet in another separate interview via MBC, Section TV, Gong Yoo specified just a bit more. "My ideal type changed. When I was younger, I liked women who had popping emotions. But now, I like women whom I can be comfortable with. I think if someone had big mood swings, that would be hard to manage."

Gong Yoo has always been tact about stuff regarding his love life, rarely musing about women too much in general. It's all part of what makes him this mysterious.

"I like women who are smart and beautiful. Looks are definitely a factor, but it's more about the soul. I like women with beautiful souls." 

In the past, Gong Yoo has been linked with hot Korean stars like Im Soo Jung and Yoon Eun-hye. Although he's been spotted in the past out spending time with them, there hasn't been any open confirmation of their relationship status with them. Im Soo Jung could only confess, “I’m lucky to have had Gong Yoo as my first romantic scandal. He is like a colleague for me and I’ve been getting along well with him for a long time."


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During an interview while promoting one of his recent films, A Man and a Woman, Gong Yoo jested that his lovely, talented co-star Jeon Do Yeon knew why he is still single. She teased that women wouldn't be able to put up with him or stand him in the longrun. Should we guess that he's a bit of a handful somehow? Perhaps.

As one Korean site put it ever so bluntly regarding the soft-spoken, good-looking Goblin and Train to Busan star who longs for marriage but has seemingly dodged Cupid's arrows, "Any takers?" 

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