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The Six Fix: Lauren Reid And Kiana Valenciano Make Waves As Adorable Showbiz Besties 'KaLaurKi!'

The Six Fix: Lauren Reid And Kiana Valenciano Make Waves As Adorable Showbiz Besties 'KaLaurKi!'

If you happen to be a celebrity, it can be tricky to find tried and true friends in the entertainment industry. It's a field that tends to demand so much of  stars and stars-in-the-making for that matter. In a setup where odd characters are bound to lurk or crawl out of the woodwork to get to them, famous people consider people they trust to be precious gems—rare to find and a must to keep. Rising stars Kiana Valenciano and Lauren Reid have found solidarity in one another, both being beautiful girls with next to no time for nega vibes. Here's what we love 'bout these two!


1. They're sexy but they hang relatively loose about food. Lauren and Kiana don't believe in stressing about every single calorie they eat. They do exercise, though, that's important to note. 


French fries and pizza before an 8 course fine dining dinner because truffle. ?? . . . #FUJIxKIANA #CelebrateMEGA25

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2. They're close enough to not mind sporting matchy-matchy outfits even for shoots. Step in, step out, make way for the girls in glam. Laura and Kiana probably don't think too many shoot campaigns together are something that'll ever get them bored. 

3. They can laugh and smile all day, but then when asked to model, can totally slay.  They have that switch setting they can flick on or off: headbangin' at home laughter mode or totally pro and sleek model projection mode. Either way, people can't stop staring!


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4.  They never stay too serious for long and love letting "KaLaurKi" loose! In the end though, when work is done, for these two, it's always back to fun, fun, fun. Throw in fellow bestie Nadine Lustre for good measure who in this shot can't seem to keep up with "KaLaurKi's mad ways.

5. They hang out with other cool people who keep it real and chill. Both these girls surround themselves with equally positive people, the likes of Kiana's sweet boyfriend Sam Concepcion and her homegrown heartthrob cousin Donny Pangilinan; and Lauren's handsome brother James Reid, who's always with sweetheart Nadine Lustre and good friend Tricia Ramos most of the time. The word "tight-knit" is an understatement when it comes to this group.

6. They both love bonding at the beach with two other besties Tricia Ramos and Nadine Lustre. With powers combined, having the girl gang get together just opens doors for way more happy bonding. You know these girls are  pretty close when they see each other quite often but still get sepanx pangs when they part ways.  


Sepanx. Missing these girls and the sea ????

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Photos courtesy of Kiana Valenciano and Lauren Reid




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