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In Focus: 11 Things Only Paulinians Would Relate To

In Focus: 11 Things Only Paulinians Would Relate To


By Bernardine de Belen


There are more or less 44 schools in the Philippines run by the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres, which means there are thousands of Paulinians nationwide. We may not all be sharing the same campus, but there are just some stuff that are well… extremely "Paulinian." So here's a list of things to add to the Twitter tag #PaulinianKaKung:

1. Everything that's checkered black-and-white is "Paulinian." While it seems to be the fashion trend these days, you can’t help but say “Ganyan din 'yung skirt namin, eh!” You even jokingly share that your skirts and ties are much cheaper than the ones displayed in shops. I mean, I think we can all see the similarity.


2. We can recite the Paulinian Prayer even in your sleep. This is prayed so often during morning assemblies, including the petitions in the end like: “Father Louis Chauvet, our Holy Founder, intercede for us." and "May the love of Christ impel us, now and forever." It's just a part of you.

3. We know the Paulinian Hymn, Paulinian Mission Song, and Paulinian Motto by heart. No program in our school ever ends without singing this. Moreover, we can jam to any Paulinian song wherever, whenever. Every time you hear someone sing it, we sing along until the song is finished. Some popular lines are: "Hark sons and daughters of St. Paul…"; "My goal as a Paulinian…"; “Caritas Christi Urget Nos” (a.k.a. The Charity of Christ Urges Us"; and "Paulinians are simple, warm, and active." Yasss, girl!


4. “Saul, Saul, why have you persecuted me?” Because it’s been repeated in class during the beginning of every school year, we've memorized the story and even the lines of St. Paul’s conversion story. We just know all about Damascus, Ananaias, and St. Paul’s “former life” before becoming a Christian.

Photograph from Resource for Kids Ministry

5. Paulinian blood is thicker than water. Whenever we meet another person and we discover they’re Paulinian, especially from the same branch, you immediately freak out and say "OMG! Paulinian ka rin?!"


6. You know all about Paulinian celebrities. When you see them on TV, you tell absolutely everyone that they're Paulinian just like you—including Julia Barretto, Gabbi Garcia, Maine Mendoza, and Maxine Medina, just to name a few.


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7. We get really psyched about Paulinian Congresses. Like the annual SPC Leadership Training Congress and the Paulinian Science Congress every other year. We don’t only learn a lot, you also have tons of fun—from talent nights to outbounds—and we make more Paulinian friends every year!

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8. We love the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartes. Even if you sometimes find the SPC sisters a little strict and scary, we always try to take a picture with them during events because they’re pretty adorable when they pose and smile for the camera. We just have the utmost respect for them.


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9. The length of nails, the length of the skirt, and the color of hair ties are a big deal. Long nails are forbidden— yes, forbidden. If the homeroom team leader sees you with long nails, prepare to bite them. LOLJK. But, really, expect them to reprimand you and consider it another counted violation. Our skirts have to be two inches below the knee, too! And make sure you only wear black, white, or gray hair ties. The simpler, the better. Any other color is a no-no!


10. Who can forget about St. Paul’s week?! It's a huge event. All Paulinians get excited when they go back to school in January because the celebration is in line with the date of St. Paul's conversion on January 25.


11. There's "Tipol" or "Sempol." When we're cheering for our school, we call it "tipol" or "sempol." We don't know how or when these shortcuts started, but they sure are known all throughout Paulinian schools.


What else are things that make you a Paulinian? Share it to the community by commenting below!

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