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In Focus: 10 Perks of Dating a Journalism Major

In Focus: 10 Perks of Dating a Journalism Major


By Joelle Theresa Ngo and Kitty Elicay


When our parents found out that we wanted to be journalists, the first thing that came out of their mouths were, "You won't earn any money!" and "You'll only be putting your lives at risk!" Well, we may not earn as much as our engineering, lawyer, or doctor friends, but we can assure you that writers and journalists are some of the most dedicated and passionate people you'll ever encounter (mostly because our work suffers if we weren't). And, in love, those two are the most important things that matter.

There are a lot of things we learn from our major that we can apply to any serious relationship, and we have pretty nice characteristics that make us great partners. We're good conversationalists, we're good judges of character, and we're awesome editors (a plus because we can help you with all of your papers!). There's no doubt that journalism majors are some of the best people to date, and if you need more reasons to convince you that we're a catch, well, then, read on!

1. We're make great conversations. With a journalism major, you'll never get bored. We can be the right mix of geeky and smart, so we'll keep you entertained with a plethora of stories—from current affairs to pop culture to trending topics. We can engage you and intellectually stimulate you, if you know what we mean. *wink*


2. We're the best listeners. As much as we are able to carry a conversation, our work greatly depends on being able to understand other people, and understand them well. So dating a journalist means you're assured that we'll always be here to lend our ears whenever you need someone to talk to. Whether it's to vent your problems or just listen to the most random sentiments, we'll know when something is up, and we'll always show a genuine interest. No need to hint that you want to talk—we gotchu.


3. We're trustworthy, and we always side with the truth. Not sticking to facts is a big nay for us (it can cost us our career!), and trust is number one in our vocabulary. If you date us, you can rely on us to always keep your secrets safe, and that we'll always stay loyal to you. You totally have nothing to worry about in the cheating department!


4. We're very prompt when it comes to replying to you. Since we're constantly connected to our smartphones and laptops, you won't have to be anxious about us not replying to your messages—if we like you, that is. If we don't respond, however, you can also be assured that we're just really busy—we're covering events, interviewing, writing, or contacting sources. If it takes an extra long time for us to reply, though, better think twice—we might be purposely doing it, especially if we think you did something wrong! 


5. We're experts in doing "background research." We're practically trained to be "professional stalkers", so, unfortunately for you, you won't be able to lie to us. We can smell your dishonesty from a mile away, and we have our ways to figure out the truth. Always. But, hey, it's not always a bad thing—honesty is the foundation of any relationship, right?


6. We make an effort to know both sides of the story. If you find yourself caught up in the rumor mill, you can rely on us to not readily believe any gossipmongers that may be trying to ruin our relationship. We know that there's always two sides to a story, so if we need to get some facts straight, we're always going to try to get to the bottom of things a.k.a. talk it out with you, before we assume anything else. 


7. We pay attention to details. In journalism, we are trained to be very critical and to never miss a detail. So if you tell us about your favorite book, your fondest memory as a child, or even your favorite snack in high school, expect us to remember it. We'll keep the information tucked away in our brain, and surprise you with our knowledge of it every once in a while. This trait can be a double-edged sword, however. Sometimes, you have to be careful with the words you say when talking to us—every single word and every tiny detail means something, and you bet we're going to be hanging on to that for a very long time.


8. We'll know what words to say in order to make you feel special. The perks of dating a journalism major is that we have a wealth of words and ideas, and we'll never run out of ways to pour our feelings out to you. Whether it's through a love letter, a playlist, or a surprise date, we'll always be able to make you feel loved. We're just wired that way.


9. Money doesn't matter to us. Passion is what drives us, so we're not going to like you extra just because you treat us to fancy restaurants and shower us with lavish gifts. If we really like you, we'll be content just chilling at home, eating take out, and watching our favorite series. If you want a low-key, relaxed relationship, consider dating us!


10. We're hardworking. From the very start, we're trained to expect that business will be cutthroat and the pay, horrendous. Despite that, we'll do whatever it takes to succeed, and we'll always take the chance to prove ourselves. Because of this, expect us to be the same way when it comes to our personal lives and relationships. We'll do whatever it takes to make it work, and we'll make sure to give our all to make our love last.


The next time you encounter a cutie from the journalism department, we hope that you'll jump at the chance to get to know them. We may be broke most of the time, but we're honest, grammar-loving individuals who will do our best so you won't be disappointed!


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