In Focus: Five Spotify Features You Probably Didn't Know Existed

In Focus: Five Spotify Features You Probably Didn't Know Existed



In some ways, Spotify has made the lives of every music-obsessed being easier and happier. With so much music to enjoy and so little time, this app has made it easier for audiophiles to listen to the plethora of genres that are now accessible to us. In fact, you can go and ask any millenial and we're pretty sure that they have the app downloaded on their smartphones.

And while Spotify is one of the most-used apps nowadays, have you ever thought of going mile-deep into its features? We're sure you know the basics, and if you're using a Premium account, you're obviously in love with the added comforts a paid account brings. But did you know there's more to the app than no ads, customized playlists, and offline content? Read on to know more features that you can access and get the most out of your account!

1. There's a student discount. Yes, this tipid-baon-but-still-cool option does exist! You can be the proud holder of a Premium account, but you'll actually be paying less! Just sign up at the Spotify website and submit the necessary documents (you'll have to prove that you're a student, ofc). From P129, you'll only have to pay P65 every month! Sweet. 



2. Take advantage of private sessions. We all have guilty pleasures—and that includes the music we listen to! Maybe we're in the mood for Paris Hilton's "Stars are Blind" to brighten up our day or some Celine Dion ballads to sing in the shower, but we're not too keen about others learning that we listen to them from time to time. So be thankful that there's a feature called Private Session where we can live our double life and nobody will have the chance to judge us, ever. Just tap the button and Spotify will stop sharing the music you listen to on Spotify Social and on Facebook!


3. Try the monster playlist. Did you know that that you can create the mother of all playlists? Yes, you can put all your own custom Spotify playlists into one folder and listen to all the songs that were once in separate playlists. This nifty feature lessens the hassle of jumping from one playlist to another, especially if you're in the mood for a random musical adventure. 


4. There's non-stop music. Do you hate the silence in between songs when you use Spotify? Try this trick! Remove that little lull by adding crossfades in between the songs that you listen to. It's that simple!


5. Enjoy podcasts. There might be a lot of us who just ignore and scroll past the Podcast tab whenever we see it while listening to our favorite tunes; but, honestly, Spotify’s podcast feature is one of its best because it's just like listening to the radio, but you get more diversity and have more control. Choose which podcast topic you want to listen to—whether it's about health, mystery, love, life in general, and a whole lot more!



If you've subscribed to a Premium account, you should maximize the features and make your payment count. So the next time you open your Spotify app, make sure to check out these features and try them yourself!


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