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Hey, Here's A New Take on Healthy "Fast Food"—Anne Curtis Is A Fan

Hey, Here's A New Take on Healthy

Having a fit and healthy body entails hardwork—just ask Anne Curtis. It takes both an effective workout routine and proper diet to get the body of your dreams and nail that wellness warrior lifestyle, but with a smorgasboard of tempting things out there your willpower will really be tested. Anne's perfect formula? Clean eating paired with workout routines and physical activities that she switches up so her fitness levels don't plateau.

Anne's go-to place when it comes to naturally-made, high nutrient meals and products is fresh to-go retail food concept Sprout, a brainchild of her boyfriend Erwan Heussaff and his Mothership F&B Group partners (trivia: the idea was born seven years ago in the form of Erwan’s college thesis). More than weight loss, Sprout advocates everyday clean eating, creating their menu items using locally-sourced ingredients fresh every morning, preservative and extender-free—complete with labels stating their full nutritional information.

“A lot of people say ‘I don’t have time to prepare or find healthy food and so on’—this, right here, redefines fast food, it’s grab and go,” says Pattie Poniente, one of Sprout’s owners. “We want to bring healthy food down to people who think healthy eating is hard—it’s really more about getting rid of the preservatives and eating fresh.” A wellness warrior herself (she’s also a Barre3 and Ashtangi Yoga instructor), Pattie notes that while organic eating can be challenging, healthy eating is much more possible. You just have to start making healthy choices, which means veering away from food with preservatives and extenders.

Here are Sprout fast food recos for every fitness and healthy-eating level, from non-believers and rookies to longtime devotees and crusaders:

Breakfast of Newbies – Oatscaldo, paired with an energy shot. The arroz caldo with a twist will give you the fiber you need, while the energy shot (there are six variants to choose from) is really potent and provides a major energy boost. Pattie’s personal favorite is the Spice Market, a mix of turmeric juice, honey, calamansi, apple cider, vinegar, and water.

Avoid Healthy Eating Shock – For first time healthy eaters or those who have just started getting into the lifestyle, Sprout’s salad and grain bowl selection surely has something that will satisfy your palate. Try: the Thai Chopped Salad, the Spicy Tuna Chirashi Rice Bowl (if you simply can’t part with your rice), and if you want Pinoy comfort food realness, their Adobo Chicken and Barley.

Sweet Tooth Surprise – “Indulge a bit but on the healthy side with our Coco Pudding or our GoPom, which is a mix of mango, sago, and pomelo,” says Pattie.

Hardcore Food Hits – The Whollier Than Thou Grain Bowl. You’re already into healthy eating and love working out, so it’s time to take your meals to the next level with Sprout’s make your own grain bowl service. It’s base + grains + proteins + vegetables + sauces + fresh herbs + garnish, and they’ve got a good selection for each so you can tailor fit your bowl to your evolving fitness and wellness needs.

Sprout is located at Ground Floor Signa Designer Residences, Valero corner Rufino St., Salcedo Village, Makati. For deliveries, visit or contact them at 09175586593.


Photographs in the collage (lead) courtesy Sprout's Instagram


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