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In Focus: Why You Should Check Out This Design, Art, Autism Exhibit

In Focus: Why You Should Check Out This Design, Art, Autism Exhibit



For artists seeking for new design inspiration or enthusiasts who just want to appreciate art, there’s a new exhibit in town that’ll spark creative visions within you!

Unilab Foundation and De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde together put up the ‘Design, Art, Autism’ exhibit, which will run from June 16 to July 19 at the School of Design and Arts Campus in CSB. This collaboration aims to explore the possibilities of reinterpreting the works of the foundation’s artists into actual art pieces.

Here’s what we’re looking forward to in this project aside, of course, from the showcase of great talent—which you should, too!

1. CSB students’ masterpieces based on paintings by artists with autism. The pieces will come from Unilab Foundation’s pool of artists and Vico’s Artism Gallery. The school’s students will design their own versions—from toys and furniture to jewelry and garments and a lot more!

Jemya Ducat and Hannah Mabagos for Daniel Sanchez
Justin Garcia for Karl Oliveros

2. Discover new talents in the scene. Meet Jorel Alegre, Vico Cham, Julyan Harrison, Chico Joaquin, Samantha Kaspar, Karl Oliveros and Muneer Pena—the stars of the show. These kids prove that no matter your condition, you have a gift, and it’s time for them to present it to the world.

Kim Davies for Chico Joaquin
Teresa Sumaylo for Vico Cham

3. Autism on tape. During the exhibit, several audio and visual materials will be on display to educate the audience on the basics of autism and the latest developments on the condition. These will also discuss how art plays a vital role in the development of an autistic person.

4. The effect. What we hope, most of all, is how this exhibit will change the general public’s view on autism—to foster awareness, understanding and acceptance on these special cases.


Make sure to schedule a visit to see the Design, Art, Autism Exhibit before it ends!

The Design, Art, Autism Exhibit is curated by the school’s Center for Campus Art director Arch. Gerry Torres and is now open to the public at the 12/F Gallery of the School of Design and Arts Campus of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde.


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