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In Focus: #TitaGoals, Anyone? Alex Gonzaga And Toni's Baby Seve Make A Winsome Twosome!

In Focus: #TitaGoals, Anyone? Alex Gonzaga And Toni's Baby Seve Make A Winsome Twosome!

Babies have this strangely magical ability to make anyone smile. And it's only natural to want to share with the world just how cute and cuddly they can be! Take Alex Gonzaga, for example. The 29-year-old actress-host never hesitates to post pictures and videos of her “chabiloo” nephew, Severiano Elliot (a.k.a Baby Seve), to her 3.6 million Instagram followers. Since his birth last September, every week has felt like Seve Appreciation Week for Alex. She’s become the most doting Tita, and Seve couldn’t be any luckier! Anyone with nieces and nephews would want to step up their #TitaGoals—here are some reasons why!


1. She treats the cutiepie like her own. While we all know that Seve’s real mom is Alex’s hyphenate sister Toni Gonzaga, we have no doubt she’d probably make a great mother herself one day! With kisses like that, there's no denying her love for kids!       


Tinang missed you chabiloolooooo!!! @severianoelliott

A post shared by Alex Gonzaga (@cathygonzaga) on

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2. Babysitting duty is basically playtime. Never mind that little Sebyo likes to tug Tinang’s shirt with his tiny fingers or eat her hair and drool over it.  Alex lets him be! She’s as carefree a Tita as they come. 


Seve and Tinang's buhat sesh. Everytime. Haayy sebyo you love tinang's hair ?? @severianoelliott

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3. She values his moments of firsts.  Or, in this case, she acts as camerawoman for when baby Seve’s parents make him try new things! Watch as his toothless self reacts to sucking a sour lemon wedge. TOO. CUTE. 


When life gives you lemon, eat it! (Wait for the last part.. Gigil!!!) @severianoelliott ??

A post shared by Alex Gonzaga (@cathygonzaga) on

4. He’s always welcome to date night! When she’s not busy hosting I Can Do That, she makes sure to spend whatever free time she gets with her non-showbiz boyfriend, businessman Mikee Morada. And if Baby Seve is around, her beau is automatically invited!From the looks of it, the two boys will have no problems getting along or feeling third-wheeled. 


Approve ba chabilooo?? Don't worry tinang loves you more Hehehehehehehe @severianoelliott

A post shared by Alex Gonzaga (@cathygonzaga) on

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5. They have their own IG series! It’s called The Tinang and Seve Show, where the actress-host does silly things with her baby nephew. There are only 2 “episodes” so far but we’ll be keeping tabs for more in the future! 


Tinang and Seve Show ep. 1 "the Jump" so far di naman diva katrabaho si @severianoelliott hehehe

A post shared by Alex Gonzaga (@cathygonzaga) on

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