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Hot Stuff: Behind The Scenes At The Ransom Collective's 'Traces' Album Launch

Hot Stuff: Behind The Scenes At The Ransom Collective's 'Traces' Album Launch



It was a hot Saturday afternoon. Everything was chill and the place was oozing with a chill summer vibe, a setting that matched The Ransom Collective's aesthetic perfectly. But what made the day extra special was that the band was finally launching their debut album Traces.

Check out the dope artwork on the Traces album


Upon arriving at the venue, we saw fans bee-lining to get a chance to meet and greet the band. We observed as they fidgeted and squealed with excitement, mere minutes before they got the opportunity to talk with their idols and got a little up close and personal with them.

Then, it was time for all of us to meet the band: lead vocalist and guitarist Kian Ransom, percussionist Jermaine Choa Peck, bassist Leah Halili, pianist Lily Gonzales, violinist Muriel Gonzales, and drummer Redd Claudio. Together, they are the ones responsible for music that seems to leave everyone in a trance.

The Ransom Collective lead vocalist and guitarist Kian Ransom

The Ransom Collective percussionist Jermaine Choa Peck


The Ransom Collective drummer Redd Claudio

The Ransom Collective pianist Lily Gonzales

The Ransom Collective violinist Muriel Gonzales

The Ransom Collective bassist Leah Halili

Once you give this new record a spin, you'd immediately pick up how it's all about celebrating life—the things people go through, the experiences that are both good and bad, happy and sad. The Ransom Collective serenaded the crowd who sang and danced to all the songs from the album. Everyone had a blast, to say the least.

If you missed the album launch last Saturday, you can listen to The Ransom Collective's debut album Traces on Spotify.


What do you think of their debut album? Was it everything you expected it to be or more? Share your thoughts (and your favorite songs) about Traces in the comments below!

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Banner photograph and photographs from Pam Martin.




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