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The Six Fix: Memorable Moments When Our Favorite Love Teams Made Us Kilig OffScreen

The Six Fix: Memorable Moments When Our Favorite Love Teams Made Us Kilig OffScreen


These loveteams may have won our hearts with the most romantic love stories showcased on screen, but our inner fangirl can't help but feel real, intense kilig whenever we see them just as sweet to each other when the cameras aren't rolling. To prove our point, we stalked some of our favorite reel/real-life OTPs (one true pairing) and rounded up some of their cutest moments that will certainly have you gushing and feeling all mushy inside! 

1. KathNiel

They started out as teenagers whose onscreen love undoubtedly captured our hearts, but years later, their relationship has blossomed into something deeper, more serious and real, and it melts our hearts beyond words! Recently, Kath posted an IG photo along with a short but killer caption that seemed to sum up her feelings toward DJ—and it reverberated into us, making our own hearts leap for joy. Oh, what a wonderful feeling to witness love!


Mister ko ??

A post shared by Kathryn Bernardo (@bernardokath) on


2. JaDine

It's amazing how James Reid and Nadine Lustre themselves didn't see their romantic relationship coming, considering that they had already become the best of friends before all the #TeamReal shebang. This power couple proves that the best relationships stem from great friendships, as they continue to stay strong and make us kilig with their random adventures as best friends and lovers! Aren't these two just adorbs?!


Pay no mind to what the doubters all say I'm a be around forever, always you can bet on it. Bet - Tinashe ?

A post shared by Nadine L (@nadzlustre) on


3. LizQuen

Nothing is more endearing than seeing Enrique becoming all sweet, mushy and corny, all at the same time when it comes to reel life partner, Liza Soberano. While many are still wondering about the real status of their relationship (we think they're still waiting for the blessing of Liza's parents!), we can't help but cheer Quen on as he continues to win Liza's heart through his own little ways, just like in the post below! Short and sweet really does the trick!


My other half ????

A post shared by Enrique Gil (@enriquegil17) on


4. McLisse 

McLisse made our hearts flutter as we watched their friendship build inside the PBB house, and we witnessed it grow even deeper after the show eneded. McCoy's deep admiration for Elisse is pretty evident—and there's no denying Elisse's fondness of McCoy, too! We just can't help but melt with them every time they show their overwhelming affection and support for each other!


5. JoshLia

Most of you have probably come across this über sweet moment that instantly turned everyone into a #JoshLia fan when they saw it! The romantic vibes that these two young stars give off cannot be denied—and it makes us squee everytime they show just how sweet they are, just like the time when they slow danced to "Beauty and the Beast" during Julia's birthday party last March! Brb, melting


6. ElNella 

Aside from the fact that they're both musically inclined, what makes them even cuter is their admiration for each other. It's evident in the way they express just how much they adore the adore on their social media accounts—who can forget Elmo's super thoughtful birthday post for Janella last March? It was so heartfelt and honest that we can't wait for their love story to unfold!


While not all of them may be couples in real life, their friendship and the way they care for each other ultimately shines through. And that in itself is enough to make us kilig all over again! Which love team makes you feel the feels the most? Tell us in the comments!

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Banner photograph from Kathryn Bernardo, Nadine LustreEnrique GilMcCoy de LeonJoshua Garcia and Elmo Magalona.




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