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The Six Fix: Kinds of Mean Girls You Need To Stay Away From In School

The Six Fix: Kinds of Mean Girls You Need To Stay Away From In School



Aside from getting painful periods and bad hair days, one of the inevitable things that girls have to deal with at some point in their lives are mean girls at school. Admit it, it just makes life tougher because you have no way of telling who's really deserving of your trust that choosing whether to befriend someone or not is made even harder.  

Fortunately, mean girls fit perfectly in specific molds that you can easily tell when you encounter them at schoo. Read on to find out who they are so you can avoid them!

1. The User-Friendly

These people only appear whenever they need something from you. As in, each and every time they need help. From borrowing your notes or asking for a spare pen to copying your homework, you can be sure that she’ll pop up when she needs something. But then, good luck finding her when she doesn’t need you!


2. Ms. Two-Face

They’re the queens of backhanded compliments. Hanging out with them seems like a good idea at first—but the more you get to know them, the more you'll notice their true colors. Their comments may seem "nice," but, in reality, they're snide remarks that can crush your self-esteem. So be wary!


3. The Forever Moody Friend

One day she’ll ask you to have lunch with her and her barkada, and the next day you’ll be left wondering what in the world you did because they ignore you at the lunch table. This friend will keep you second-guessing your friendship, but don't be afraid to talk to her and try to get to understand where she's coming from before her actions affect your self-image and psyche. Proceed with caution!


4. The Queen of the Gossip Mill

These mean girls are the ones you should be extremely cautious of. Every word you say or every secret that you share with her can be twisted in a way that will get you in major trouble. If you think that your friend is a gossipmonger, be extra careful when sharing stories or just choose to keep quiet. Better safe than sorry!


5. The Bullies

It's a fact of life—bullies will always be present in our lives, whether we're in school or when we've already entered the workforce. It will twist your insides to discover that they find constant satisfaction in bringing other people down, and they will continue to torment you when they see you getting affected. So no matter what they say about you, make sure to hold your head high and ignore their insults and tirades. They are cowards who are not worth your time!


6. The Traitor

They're the most complex people of the lot, because you'll never be able to read their minds—she could be your bestie and your most favorite person today, but she can turn her back on you and be your worst nightmare tomorrow. She might be trying to gain your confidence, but end up betraying you through her words and deeds. The lesson? Always be wise and discerning about the people you open up to!


We're not saying that everyone you meet in school will have an ulterior motive against you, but the reality is that these people do exist. At the end of the day, we hope that this list helps you to choose the right set of friends in school. Here's to meeting new friends and establishing long-lasting friendships!

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