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In Focus: 5 Signs You Should Take A Break From Social Media

In Focus: 5 Signs You Should Take A Break From Social Media



Social media has become a great way for us to conect with friends old and new, and even loved ones that are far away in other countries. But with so many things going on in our feeds and juggling mutliple accounts in various platforms, it's no surprise that social media has caused major FOMO for many people, leaving us emotionally fixated on our smartphones. 

There's nothing wrong with having social media accounts—it's a great help, especially when you want to build your network—but when you always find yourself needing to check your social media apps every minute without any good reason, and then getting anxious whenever you fail to do so, maybe it's time to re-assess your habits and get your "normal" life back on track. Identify whether your social media "appreciation" has become an unhealthy obsession with these tell-tale signs:

1. It’s getting in the way of your productivity.

Instead of finishing that paper or studying for the finals, you end up getting sucked into checking your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat and god-knows-what-new-app feeds that you forget all the other things that you should be prioritizing. Cutting down important activities  in favor of your online life? No bueno!


2. You can't be 'low batt'—EVER.

Because updating your IG Stories or posting your latest OOTD is just as essential as any basic need. Your battery running low? It's a fate worse than death, so your bag always has a powerbank (or two!) just to survive. Cling to that charging cable for dear life!


3. You sneak off just to check your notifs.

In the middle of class when your phone suddenly vibrates with a notification? You know it'll be hard to sneak a peek, so you fake having to go to the restroom, just so you can refresh your feed and maybe upload that photo you've been wanting to post since this morning. Girl, why?


4. You get anxious when you don’t get much likes.

You put a whole lot of effort on your #OOTD—posing against the perfect background, getting the right angle and lighting—but then everyone else in your feed seems to just have scrolled past it. You try not to break down on the outside, but you're really torn up on the inside. NOTICE ME, PLZ!


5. You feel an intense FOMO when you check other people's IG stories. 

If the reason why you check your social media accounts is because you hate missing out on the haps, or if you feel a pang of jealousy every time you see Facebook updates or Instagram stories of your friends where everyone seems to have a happier time or are doing something more interesting, then maybe it's time to take a breather. Stop comparing, girl!


There's nothing wrong with checking your social media accounts daily, but if it's taking up too much time that it's affecting your life negatively, don't you think that maybe it's time to take a break? Get off your phone and live your life in the real world! 

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