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Mod Moms: How Tony Labrusca's Mom Angel Jones Defies The 'Nanay Na Naloshang' Stereotype

Mod Moms: How Tony Labrusca's Mom Angel Jones Defies The 'Nanay Na Naloshang' Stereotype

Call it luck, but for the most part it's hard work. Because Mod Mom Angel Jones works out daily (either early morning or early evening), she gets to eat almost whatever she wants without worries. While on Mommy mode, she often gets mistaken for being the hot sister of her famous son Tony Labrusca. But rather than thinking that's too weird she welcomes it, by golly she embraces it. You don't have to be loshang if you're a mom, she reminds us while encouraging women to be open, honest, and confident about who they are. 


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"My son is 21 and so a lot of times when younger boys hit on me, he hates it. I'm like, 'I can't control it. What can I do?' I love compliments. Bring them on. You know what, I work hard, I deserve a damn compliment."

The one thing you can do to shed a couple of years off your appearance isn't anything invasive, it's training. Training your body to love exercise on a daily basis, even if it's just half an hour of cardio and strength combined in the morning or bodyweight/mat workouts it will make all the difference over a longer span of time. Rebuilding yourself from the inside out will boost your body's processes, increase blood circulation, and push it to care for itself and replenish cells better.

“My best beauty tip is to fall in love with yourself as conceited as that may sound. You can buy all the makeup in the world and you can buy all the clothes in the world. But if you still have an insecure heart it will be meaningless because you'll fall for the bad relationships.”

Makeup artist icon Kevyn Aucoin actually quoted something similar, "No amount of makeup can mask an ugly heart." There's been a lot of talk about vibe lately. Working on your inner vibe is what sets the pace for improving how you deal with other people. People can feel your vibe through texts, through screens, and it doesn't even matter if you type or post the right things. The vibe, motive, or energy—it all emanates from is felt by other people. The state of your spirit and your unseen heart's health will color how you're perceived externally. Working on your confidence, positive thoughts, and exercising genuine compassion is key to getting noticeable "glow."


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"I was 17—I was really young and at that age, it was cool to be a young mom. I was scared and I didn't know if I would be any good at it. Now, it's like I'm glad I had that early. I can enjoy them longer... I work out with my kids; sometimes. we go to certain events together, we travel together and that's pretty cool!"

Young mothers who find themselves in Angel's same situation when she herself was a teen mom shouldn't begin despairing or worrying. New responsibilities mold you into a better person and it's how you approach and embrace your commitment to your family that will determine how you'll be standing alongside your kids once they're more grown up. Plus, you have better chances of raking in those shocked looks and compliments when you admit you are a mom who looks way too young to be one in the first place!

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