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Mod Moms: How Model Vanessa Matsunaga Aces Mommy-ing Without A Yaya

Mod Moms: How Model Vanessa Matsunaga Aces Mommy-ing Without A Yaya

After the equal sultry and smiley Vanessa Matsunaga married the love of her life Jun Sunga, shortly after came Isabella. Motherhood simply makes the model-turned-entrepreneur glow, and she's always wanted to be able to share about its joys and challenges. From odd hours with baby to the difficulties of breastfeeding and dealing with the now-new onset of toddler tantrums, Vanessa embraces it all and delightfully spills here how she copes as a first-time mom. 

The whole breastfeeding process could prove difficult, nonetheless it's essential. Vanessa relates, "I had a lot of milk (breastmilk) but I didn't have so much demand. So, it was really painful, but at the same time, I was like, 'We have to do this!' This is for her, you know, and for yourself. I had to find courage to do it." Breastfeeding for some isn't as easy as 1, 2, 3. There are issues like whether you have enough milk at all or too much milk and your baby isn't latching. Issues like these need to be solved ASAP with the support of a lactation consultant and determination. Babies need their mothers milk most especially throughout their first year of life. It provides tailor-fit nutrition for the life that grew within you before coming out. It also helps build their immunity in a way no other formulated drink can.

Adjustment has to happen—fast. When parents feel like they're run ragged by their own newborn child it can be confusing as well as exhausting. How can something as small and portable as that overwhelm two grown human beings? There's a bit of management to be done with your very own new little human and they do come packaged with their own rant and rave schedule. "Isabella is a party girl," Vanessa cracks. "But she's adjusting by herself. So, I feel like she's already finding her own hours. Now, she sleeps by 10 PM, sometimes 11, by before with 3 AM. So, yeah, improvement!" As babies get older and grow into toddlers, chosen activities can boost or drain their energy to better suit your schedule while helping keep them happy and balanced. It's all a matter of learning what and when to give and take. 

Find a trustworthy "partner.' Having a solid partner in parenting your child is a bonus in child-rearing. While single parents are capable of making a parenting scenario work, it's still a more comfortable and beneficial setup when two people decided to be parents together. Trust and teamwork go hand in hand when anticipating each other's needs amidst raising a baby and two shifts on nap and diaper duty are way better than one. Vanessa gushes, "The good part about my husband is he's so supportive and he does the right thing all the time. Even if I don't tell him, he knows me well. Like, I don't need to tell him vocally that he  can do this for me.  He just does it. That's a beautiful part of our relationship." 

You might do away with a yaya, if you can. The nanny or babysitter culture in the Philippines is pretty widespread. It provide jobs for many Filipino women across the country but particularly in the more developed cities. However, everyone knows it is also possible to raise a child without assistance. Depending on how independent and well-adjusted you might be when raising your kid there are beneftis. Establishing that healthy parent-child relationship in dealing more with each other will boost their confidence. Seeing you put in your time as a hands-on parent will instill values of more intimate and proper parenting by default in your child. It will set the tone for how much time they in turn spend with their kids in the future. "I don't want to skip a moment!" Vanessa sums it up.


My little girl loved the deers at Nara park!

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Control your emotions. Sometimes, the energy you give back when you're reacting to your toddler only escalates their bad mood. By withholding negative energy instead of going along and matching your child's negative energy, there's a much better chance that they'll settle down. "She's already playing tricks with me. Like every time she wants something and I don't give it, she tends to try to throw a tantrum and I don't pay attention to it for now," says Vanessa. Thus, don't take your toddlers mood swings so personally. Their temperaments and emotional systems are growing and developing just like their bodies are. Keep your emotions in check by taking naps

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