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Mod Moms: #Mamathlete Fille Cainglet-Cayetano Scores Winning Points On And Off The Court

Mod Moms: #Mamathlete Fille Cainglet-Cayetano Scores Winning Points On And Off The Court

Fille Cainglet-Cayetano faces a full day everyday. She brings her three-year-old son Ino to school, then heads straight to her weekly, hours-long volleyball training after.

Yet, Fille looks fantastic from any angle you take her. And she’s got the muscles to show for it. Sharing two kids (Ino, plus 9-month-old Fille Renee) with husband (TV/Film Director and Taguig congressman Lino Cayetano), the 27-year-old somehow defied the signs of motherhood and dodged any bullet of the ever-dreaded #mombod. She looks and acts like the charming spiker you remember from the Ateneo Lady Eagles. Only now she plays for a different team and prefers to describe herself as a true blue #mamathlete, a term which she claims to have coined. “It’s the same lang when I was still in college. I was a student-athlete managing my studies and volleyball. Now I’m a mom but I think the challenges are the same. I have to balance my family life and career life,” she says. 

Although Fille has a list of people she looks up to, we like to think that the open spiker is our modern-day, Filipina version of Halle Berry—someone who’s beautiful inside and out, someone who devotes her time and energy to the things she loves, and ultimately someone who’s great at what she does. We got to do a quick chat with the millennial to better understand how she manages to win at life, and what makes her a Mod Mom on top of everything else she already is!

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What for you is a Mod Mom?

"I think a Mod Mom is a mom who is confident. She can still follow her dreams and take [care of] her family at the same time."

What kind of stuff about your mom life do you usually share online?

"I show people kung ano ako as a mom. Like, sa hapon, nag-pe-playground kami. Outings namin yung mga beach getaways. Anything authentic."

What’s the most touching comment from strangers you’ve received on social media?

"Nacu-cute-an sila sa babies ko! (Laughs) Syempre gusto ko yun. It’s truly nice for people to appreciate them."

What do you think is the worst stereotype people have of moms?

"Come to think of it, I realize na as a mom, ang hirap talaga na pag-take care of kids. That’s why I love my mom more. Sia lang yung naga-laga samin ng dalawang sister ko without a yaya. I think nate-take for granted ng mga tao na mahirap talagang maging stay-at-home mom."

How do you use social media in your own advocacies?

"I post mostly volleyball stuff and my kids. And I show some workout videos and pictures not just to brag, but to motivate people that we can still work out even if when we’re busy and have kids. As a new mom, madami pang kailangan matutunan, and I want to share my journey with my Instagram followers."

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Who’s your role model and why?

"Sa volleyball, yung role model ko ay si Kerry Well. She has 3 kids, she can still play, she’s still fit, and she’s an Olympic gold medalist. Yun yung pinaka-goals ko in life.  Inisip ko [na at] 35 she still plays in the Olympics! What’s my excuse to not pursue my dreams, my volleyball career, and (my being a) mom at the same time?"

Best beauty tip?

"Wear sunscreen all the time kasi you have to freeze the face to look young! And ano langsiguro concealer and mascara para lang mukhang fresh at hindi halatang puyat ka sa kids."

What’s your favorite workout?

"Probably volleyball training. I always look forward to play. You dont feel like (you’re) working out at hindi mo mafi-feel na nag-3 hours training na pala. Siguro, nasanay ako since noong bata pa ko, grade school hanggang college, fun activity sakin."

How do you maintain grace under pressure?

"Nasanay na rin ako. I played in MOA Arena and then Araneta nung college. I think may something about [being an] athlete na kaya nilang mag-zone out yung surroundings nila just to to focus on the game. Hindi mo naririnig yung crowd; naka-focus ka lang sa teammates at sa coach mo. Kakaiba yung feeling. (Kahit) high pressure na you need to think and act quick. Sarap yung high.  

How do you usually react when you are called sexy?

"I just say thank you. Wala naman sigurong manggagalaw sakin. I usually wear those (volleyball) outfits when I play, so I really don’t feel conscious. Uniform, eh!"

What’s your take on breastfeeding?

"I breastfed. Kahit naglaro ako nag be-breastfeed ako and (ngayon) ang dami kong stock na milk. I’m proud of that. Pero I stopped na kasi it's hard for me when I get home from training. Pagod na rin. Na-stop ako nung 7 months ako. Nine months na siya pero meron pa rin siyang milk (galing sa) stash ko."  

Can you honestly live without a yaya? 

"May help kami so it’s easier for me. Isipin mo yung uuwi ka walang ketsupwalang gatas and diaper. Ang hirap talagang mag-run ng house."


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