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Mod Moms: Proud 'Hubadera' Momma Angel Jones Advocates HIV Awareness And More

Mod Moms: Proud 'Hubadera' Momma Angel Jones Advocates HIV Awareness And More

Hot morena momma Angel Jones may be proud of her "hubadera-ness" online, but it's only because she's way more comfortable and willing to live life in a bikini. This former Kulay band member is actually a single mother to her grown children–former Pinoy Boyband Superstar contender Tony Labrusca, 21, and her daughter Keziah Blue, 15. (Yep, she always gets mistaken as her children's older sister!)

Angel keeps busy as a host, model, and beauty consultant. Aside from being a role model to single moms, she serves as an inspiration to those who have gone on in life in need of self-confidence and hope. For example, Angel, together with her son Tony, supports The Red Whistle. Through the organization promoting HIV awareness and safe sex education, Angel dreams of crushing the stigma on those who've been tested HIV-positive—forever.

What for you is a Mod Mom?

"I feel that to be a mod mom, I think we have to learn compromise and how to be resourceful and flexible with what's going on. I think to be a Modern Mom, you have to learn to to be flexible and understanding with what's happening and also ask 'how can I achieve my dreams and support my children's dreams too?' And that for me is important because if I'm a miserable person, I'll be a miserable mother and I won't be any good to my children. So, how can I fill my tank up and give to my children, too? I think a modern mom can is someone who can do it all happily."

What kind of stuff about your mom life do you usually share online?

"I think what I love about me is I'm very honest. I'm so straightforward and brutally honest. I have no filter and I think you either love me or hate hate me for that. So, I'm very honest about my struggles and my trials and my joys. Like I love celebrating my life and my children. It's if you follow me on social media, I'm pretty obnoxious. But that's the joy of it. It's like capturing all these moments. I'm very open. I'm very sarcastic, so I share about life because life is funny you know so I make fun of everything. And I will point out what's wrong. And it's not a bad thing—it's just that I think life's too short to be fake and to lie about who we are. I also rant about how hard it is to be a parent and to be a single mom or to be divorced or to just be a single person trying to date in this world. It's crazy, you know."

What’s the most touching comment from strangers you’ve received on social media?

"A lot. A lot. I post a lot about my fitness because I'm 38 and so the tendency at my age bracket is no one really cares about their body anymore. They want you to wear a duster and like be losyang and cover up. I think some of the most encouraging comments I got was 'How to have a body like yours at your age?' It feels great that people want to have a body like mine, especially, when I grew up not really liking my body. So, now it feels great that other people are inspired my body. You know, I'll live in a bikini If I could! So, when people see that I'm celebrating myself, they feel inspired to celebrate, too. That makes me so happy. And also when they see my relationship with my children and I'll get comments of people saying, 'Oh, I didn't have a mom and when I see you and your children, it makes me really happy!' So that feels good, too."

What do you think is the worst stereotype people have of moms?

"Being a mom is really hard, like I get judged a lot. That I'm supposed to look losyang and not be fashionable. The problem is I like being everything. I like that I can go out with my son and be hip for what's happening. I can work and be a good mom, but I feel judged for doing so. Like, I’m supposed to be barefoot at home and cooking and have no career and I think that's very unfair. So, I get judged a lot by that and I get judged, too, because I like looking sexy. I work out not for health purposes. I work out not to look good naked for myself, you know. And there's nothing wrong with that. Like I'm teaching my children to be their most beautiful best. I love being a mom."

How do you use social media in your own advocacies?

"A lot. I try to get my kids in our advocacies and a couple of the ones that we believe in. One is the Red Whistle, which is HIV awareness. So, my son and I do events and go to events and we like to share knowledge about like HIV awareness. I use my social media to spread the word on things that people don't want to talk about. Sex, for example, is a topic no one wants to talk about that. People don't want to talk about sicknesses and illness and in contracting HIV but it's very, very, very big right now. And so for me, I use my social media to promote her advocacies so that if they see I'm brave enough to talk about it, then they can talk about it, too. This last, we went to Boracay for that event. The Red Whistle called #SaveSexy, and we gave free HIV testing to everyone on the island who wanted it and I got tested, too. Just to show people it's okay. We also support another advocacy called Hope Worldwide which is they help of urban poor children. So, we are huge advocates of showing people that if you're blessed, you need to give back."


Be the best memory they'll ever have. ?? @b_surge

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Their lack of self love makes them fear your abundance in confidence. #ShotByMik #StyledByBettina #MomBod #MomGoals

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Who’s your role model and why?

"Kourtney Kardashian. She's funny. You know what I think, she can use her assets—pun intended—and she can use her assets to be successful. Why not, like hustling is hard? You know, the world is hard. If you can be that smart, kudos, like I respect that! She used her beauty and her body and her family name to do well for her and her family. So, for me I respect that. I think that's amazing. I like her sexiness just oozes out. And for me confidence is number one. I'm all about how can I become so confident that no one can tell me nothing."

Best beauty tip?

"My best beauty tip is to fall in love with yourself. As conceited as that may sound. You can buy all the makeup in the world and you can buy all the clothes in the world, but if you still have an insecure heart it will be meaningless because you'll fall for bad relationships. You'll be affected by the comments, you'll never have enough. So, my beauty tip for everyone is to build that confidence, to fall in love with yourself first. Because if you do that, oh my goodness! Nothing else really matters."

What’s your most recommended diet?

"My most recommended diet is to work out. That's as simple as that. I'm not a believer of 'Don't eat, starve yourself, don't eat that!' I think just work out pretty much whenever I want to. I just work out everyday and I do cut down on the carbs and sugar that I still eat."

What’s your favorite workout?

"I love circuit training. I love CrossFit circuit training boot camp! I like classes where the coach makes me work out and I have no choice but to finish because if I work out on my own, I'm like I ain't gonna do it!"


My dearest baby blue @keziahblue Happy 15th birthday, my love! Can't believe how fast you've grown. This baby pic of you is one of my most fave moments with you. Your pouty spunk is so real and I appreciate it because you just don't care to please everyone and that's a gift. Can't wait for you to be here so we can celebrate in the most awesomest way. You're just 15 but the depth of your mind, heart and talent are beyond some 30 yr olds. Thank you for being such a unique and wonderfully magical person in my life. You're such a gifted soul, genius on so many levels that everyday you surprise and impress me. You're one of the reasons I believe in soul mates and unconditional love. I miss you. Can't wait to give you a billion hugs and kissies soon. ?????

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