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The Six Fix: Every Woman's Guide To Crystal Accessories That Bring In Luck And Love

The Six Fix: Every Woman's Guide To Crystal Accessories That Bring In Luck And Love

Because they hold thousands or even millions of years of the Earth’s history inside, crystals are often called “stone people” or “wisdom keepers.” Ancient civilizations have worked with the energy of these stones since the beginning of time, finding guidance from that which lived under their feet.

Today, crystals aren’t just having a moment, they’ve arrived with a meteoric bang, with more people than ever before using them for a variety of needs. Keeping small crystals close by wearing them is one of the easiest ways to plug them into your day and live with a little bit more soul. For a fashionable dose of good vibes, check out these dainty pieces peddled in various Instagram shops. After all, one can never have too many crystals: there's a stone for every type of mood, crisis, and desire!


Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the stone for unconditional love, both platonic and romantic. Use it when you need a some TLC as you heal from a breakup or recent loss, helping you attract love into your life.

Clear Quartz

Known as the Master Healer, Clear quartz provides power, clears energy, and offers clarity. Use it when you want to rid your home or office of any bad vibes.


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With its cheerful yellow color, citrine is also known as the "sunshine stone." Citrine gives you a blast of positive energy for abundance and success. In the workplace, it can help you clear your mental clutter to amp up your confidence and productivity levels.


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Its pale beauty is testament to Moonstone's calming properties. Use it as a balm of relief from emotional stress.  


Need a dose of inspiration? Opal helps you channel your imagination for flashes of intuition and insight. Use it when you need to overcome a creative block and tap into your more artistic side.

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