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In Focus: Dissecting An Influencer–And The 'Glamorous' Lifestyle They Lead

In Focus: Dissecting An Influencer–And The 'Glamorous' Lifestyle They Lead



Niche Dumlao has vast experience in handling social media needs of clients. He covers content strategy, community management, and, yes, influencer marketing—the last requiring him to work with online personalities such as top bloggers and influencers. Here, he breaks down for you all you need to know about the ’biz!


What exactly is the difference between bloggers and influencers? "Bloggers are those who actively maintain a blog while influencers do more. An influencer’s online platforms aren’t just based on being a blogger—they may use other forms of social media like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. There are also segments among these influencers: The journalists, the media, and the experts called 'thought leaders' who have certain expertise in different fields. They don’t necessarily have high following, but have bearing in their chosen fields. Then, there are 'digital natives' who guarantee best results when it comes to online campaigns.


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How are influencers paid? "It depends, but either in cash or in kind."

What makes an effective influencer? "Personally, I look at the content they deliver. Do they post something beneficial to the brand? Do their posts ignite interest? Does their content reward their followers with insight or solicit a feeling? What we really need from them is to hype the interest of our clients—whether they blog, tweet, post a video on YouTube, or a photo on Instagram—it all helps in creating client relevance, which, in turn, may assist in driving sales and foot traffic beneficial to the brand. I also look at their personality. If okay sila ka-trabaho then that’s a big, big plus! We also use tools that can extract data such as age, location, and consumer profile, which we utilize to match the client’s needs with the corresponding influencers. The working relationship doesn’t end there, too. Personally, I treat a lot of the influencers we’ve worked with as friends. A lot of the bloggers we’re working with, we’ve been working with since 2010!"


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Banner photograph from Pexels. Original article from Chalk's August-September 2016 issue.




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