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Mod Moms: Smokin' At 41, La Luna Sangre's Ina Raymundo Defies Aging By Eating Healthy

Mod Moms: Smokin' At 41, La Luna Sangre's Ina Raymundo Defies Aging By Eating Healthy

Ina Raymundo is part of a growing batch of stunningly fit women who are redefining expectations of the midlife body. With her lean, toned, impossibly supple body, this 41 year old mom of five is transforming our notions of a mature woman’s figure and inspiring us to think about remaining healthy and vibrant for far longer than we ever have in the past. We sit down with Ina and learned all about what it takes to attain her seemingly ageless physique.


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"I eat six small meals a day."

Her dietician advised Ina to eat 6 smaller balanced meals per day spaced out every 3 to 4 hours. This keeps her blood sugar levels stable, making her less likely to overeat or make impulsive food choices when she does.  

"I eat my fruit, I don't drink them."

Ina eats three pieces of fruit in a day. One clear downside from drinking rather than eating fruits and vegetables is the loss of fibre and other nutrients found in the skin and pulp. When you run your produce through a juicer, you lose roughly two to three grams of fiber in every serving of fruit or vegetable that went into making the juice in the first place. Also, since juice is not as filling as eating solid food, you'll get hungry faster.  


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"No extra rice please."

While this hot momma does not deprive herself of rice, she does limit her consumption to one cup of rice each for lunch and dinner. Rice is naturally low in fat, but it is high in carbohydrates. If you want to avoid fat storage during a weight loss program, you need to lower your carb intake. This means cutting out most grains, like white rice, which can have as much as 45 grams of carbohydrates. A healthier alternative would be brown rice which still contains the bran. Retaining the bran adds fiber and increases the nutritional content of rice. Brown rice also takes longer to digest, enabling you to stay fuller longer.  

"I avoid fried food."

Avoiding anything fried is one of Ina's secrets to battling any extra pounds. If any food is submerged in oil, it starts absorbing the fat, increasing its calorie content. Also, the frying process can actually destroy a lot of beneficial minerals and vitamins in your food, leaving you with a whole lot of bad fat and empty calories.


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"Protein is so good for you."

Ina makes sure to include a healthy portion of this in her daily meals. She relies on lean chicken breasts and nuts to supply her protein requirements. Eating protein stimulates muscle growth so you end up with leaner tissue. Also, protein is filling; eating it satisfies your hunger faster and keeps you full longer, resulting in a lesser calorie intake.   

"I have a cheat day."  

Balance is key to how Ina eats. She maintains a happy relationship with food, never depriving or starving herself. She indulges herself with junk food once a week, usually on a Sunday. On Monday, she goes on a reset where she resumes her workouts and eats clean for five days. 


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