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The Six Fix: Young Pinoy Student Artists Who Will Inspire You To Get Creative

The Six Fix: Young Pinoy Student Artists Who Will Inspire You To Get Creative



There's something admirable about student artists—and we're not just talking about their avant-garde taste in music, fashion, art, and just about anything. Aside from sacrificing sleep just so they could balance school and have time to practice their craft, they also have to deal with the frustration that comes when they get creative blocks. We stalked some of these student artists—musicians, painters, digital artists and photographers—who inspire us on how they do it all! Dare we say, they're the country's next biggest names in art!


1. Kyna Gem Sy, 20, Ateneo de Manila University

Fashion blogger Kyna advocates women empowerment through her clothes featuring—get this—her hand-painted work. Her aesthetic in style and art is as unique, fun, and bold as her personality–just take a look at how she put the following outfits together!

After she finishes her degree in Information Technology Entrepreneurship, Kyna hopes to set up a retail store where she can start her own clothing line. We'll cheer you on, Kyna!

You can check out Kyna's latest painting designs and newest OOTDs on her website or on her Instagram and Facebook accounts.

2. Mic Comia, 21, University of Santo Tomas

Mic is the lead vocalist of upcoming pop-rock band Where's Ramona? Past his gigs and events, he's studying music with Guitar Emphasis at the UST Conservatory Music. Mic has been living and breathing music since grade school, a craft he swears he'll stick to for the rest of his life. His mission: To influence through the power of music! He especially wants to write songs that'll help listeners get through life's whirlwind of good and bad. He also dreams of becoming a music teacher!

Mic initially struggled in juggling things as a student artist. Through time management, he later learned how to properly squeeze his rehearsals and gigs into his schedule as a full-time student. "If you love something, you will be able to find time for it no matter what," he declares.

You can check out Mic's band and their latest music on their official Facebook page Where's Ramona? 

3. Brendel Larica Lim, 20, De La Salle University

"Grad-waiting" Advertising Management student Larica says she's always been into art, but it was only in college that she got to develop her skills as a digital artist. Her aesthetic reflects her obsession with various films and TV series. By choosing the color palette,  she says, is how she usually begins her work.

While she considers art as her personal outlet, Larica plans to make money out of it in the near future. Where to? The advertising industry!

You can check out Larica's latest artworks at @laricart and her adventures with phone photography at @laricalim.

4. Kayla Tan, 20, University of Santo Tomas

Kayla's personality is just as well-rounded and colorful as her art. She may be an Advertising Arts major, but her digital art skills are equally impressive as her ingenuity with traditional paintings. Perhaps, it's because her attention to both detail and proportion was established at a very early age. Her mom enrolled Kayla in a lot of classes growing up–from Kumon to painting, to guitar, piano, and voice lessons! It was how she discovered her gift and passion for painting.

Some of Kayla's works straightforwardly mirror her thing for Alice in Wonderland. She does freelance work now as a resident student—her portfolio includes manually-rendered book illustrations and motion graphics. She's so forward-thinking with her dreams she actually plans on teaching kids painting this year. That, and becoming a Visual Merchandiser in the future.

5. Rob Sarte, 21, De La Salle University

Rob's interest in photography started some time before high school when he got hold of his sister's camera. It was in high school, though, that he got technical and passionate about it. His first subjects? The then-amateur had some willing friends.

At first, Rob had struggles cramming shoots into his class schedule. He got past through it anyway, "When entering an industry, that takes up a lot of your time, one should learn to know their priorities and how to balance them." At 21, Rob is pegged to be the next big thing in photography. He considers his shoot with Gerald Anderson the highlight of his growing portfolio! 

Check out his latest works at Rob Sarte Photography.

6. Niezl Sy, 18, University of Santo Tomas

Niezl's shyness sheathes her oozing talent. Just in her teens, the Fine Arts sophomore has already created ads for companies and has already started to profit from her art.

Niezl first discovered her passion in art back in high school. She was always elected as the class cultural chairman, tasked to decorate their bulletin board. She was also an editorial cartoonist for their school paper.

While she looks up to legendary artists such as Michelangelo, Van Gogh, and Monet as inspirations, the first person that really drew her to art was her sister. Niezl used to just watch her sister sketch on her own, until she familiarized herself more with the art. She says of her young but thriving journey so far, "Art is a continuous process of learning and is a cycle of discovery. In every artwork you do, you learn something new."

Did you already find yourself getting a creativity boost with these amazing stories from these super talented student artists? Because we just did! Are you also a student artist? We'd love to know about your story! Share it with us in the comments! 


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Photographs from Kyna Sy, Where's Ramona?'s Facebook page, Brendel Larica Lim, Kayla Tan, Rob Sarte and Niezl Sy.




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