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Mod Moms: At 41 And With 5 Kids, Bikini-Ready Ina Raymundo Schools Us On Nailing Motherhood

Mod Moms: At 41 And With 5 Kids, Bikini-Ready Ina Raymundo Schools Us On Nailing Motherhood

She has graced countless endorsements and magazine covers and screens, big and small. But these days, La Luna Sangre star Ina Raymundo is dedicating as much time to motherhood as she is to being a famous celebrity. Mom to a brood of five beautiful children, Ina shares the adventures of her three younger daughters and is constantly on the go spreading the word about her passion for fitness and health. Balancing these roles seem to come naturally to Ina. All it takes is a glance through her Instagram account to see that this #MomPeg seems to have gotten the whole fun mom and loving wife vibe on point. Extra props to Ina for doing everything looking super fierce–just like her life peg Angelina Jolie!

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What for you is a Mod Mom?

"I always strive to be at the peak of my health. Thus, for me, a Mod Mom is someone who is fit and healthy; a mom who remains energetic and on the go even if she has 1 or 5 or even a dozen kids."

What kind of stuff about your mom life do you usually share online?

"I share stuff about my three youngest girls. I would love to post about my two older kids but they have asked me not to. I respect their privacy."

What’s the most touching comment from strangers you’ve received on social media?

"I have people who have sent me messages thanking me for being a fitspiration to them. Knowing that I have inspired people to work on being fitter and healthier makes me happy and motivates me to keep doing what I am doing. "

What do you think is the worst stereotype people have of moms?

"When people think that stay-home-moms aren’t doing anything, or that they aren’t helping their husband earn money for the family. Being a stay-home mom is a career in itself. Personally, I chose to remain active in showbiz for my personal growth. It’s something that keeps me busy but is not too time consuming."

How do you use social media in your own advocacies?

"Since I am passionate about fitness, I post videos of the workouts that I do and my daily activities."


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Who’s your role model and why?

"On your personal fitness journey, I find that it helps to have a peg. For me, that person would be the mother-in-law of my friend who is really fit and looks so amazing at her age."

Best beauty tip?

"I’m big on the ‘less is more’ concept. The less butingting on your face, the better.  I take care of my skin with proper diet and a good moisturizer. It doesn’t have to be the expensive kind. I played around with several brands until I found the formulas that work best for me."   

What diet do you most recommended?

"Because I had gestational diabetes during my pregnancies, I follow a diet suited for people with diabetes. This means small frequent meals spread throughout the day, with lots of fruits, vegetables and nuts. I have a happy relationship with food, where I never starve or deprive myself, keeping everything in moderation."

What’s your favorite workout?

"Currently, I’m loving the synergy 360 program which combines cardio and strengthening into a single workout."


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How do you maintain grace under pressure?

"I remain assertive but firm. I explain what needs to be explained and try to take any differences into consideration."

How do you usually react when you are called sexy?
"I'm very thankful. I appreciate it."

What’s your take on breastfeeding?

"I breast fed my children. With my first born, I had a hard time because I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t know that I should have applied lanolin to prevent chaffing so nasugatan ako, didn’t know how to make my daughter latch on properly so a nurse had to come to the house to teach me how. It was frustrating. My next experiences were better, because I already knew what to do."

Can you honestly live without a yaya?

"I gave birth to my firstborn in Canada. My mom wasn’t there, so it was just me and my boyfriend at that time. Bryan and I weren’t married yet. I was 25 years old, still young, but I had a lot of babysitting experience so my mommy instinct kicked in right away. I learned how to be independent because I didn’t have the luxury of help."


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