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The Six Fix: Love Teams We Love That Started Right Inside The PBB House

The Six Fix: Love Teams We Love That Started Right Inside The PBB House



If you haven't already noticed from our obsession with local love teams, we Filipinos have a fascination for all things romance. These days, many of Pinoy celebrities have staple onscreen partners, but the concept of ships isn't new to Filipino culture. During our lolas' days, Guy (Nora Aunor) and Pip (Tirso Cruz III) were already bringing in the kilig.

There are romances that also bloom in reality shows. The line between real and reel gets blurry, as the audience turn witness to the start of a budding relationship—from meeting each other to getting really close until they go falling in love. In reality shows, there are no writers, no scripts to follow, and no directors to tell them what to do—everything happens spontaneously, and the chemistry is palpable enough for the audience watching at home to feel and ship the pairings. Hard. After all, does it get any more real than seeing a relationship blossom in front of your very eyes? Chalk takes a look at the love teams that made us feel real kilig while watchiing reality shows!


1. KimErald

Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson, known collectively as KimErald, is our generation’s first OTP (One True Pairing). They’re like the Filipino version of High School Musical’s Troy and Gabriela. They first rose to superstardom when they joined Pinoy Big Brother during the first season of its Teen Edition. Their undeniably sweet kulitan moments inside the famed house made fans super kilig—and when they got out, success followed the tandem with dramas that became a hit after hit. Unfortunately, like every young love, their once sweet relationship turned sour, and in 2010, the couple broke up (even if they never confirmed the true status of their relationship!), and along with it, many KimErald fans' hearts were also shattered.

The pair has since mended their relationship and 2017 marked the fateful comeback of KimErald. Their new soap Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin sees them reunite as friends and as a love team. Just goes to show that while you can move on from your first love, you never really forget it, right?


2. LoiShua

The Loisa Andalio and Joshua Garcia tandem might have caused some major trouble inside the PBB house during the show's run, but their on-screen chemistry made us look on the bright side of love—trouble in paradise is still in paradise. There were jealousy issues here and there, but their strong friendship made them a promising love team. Even if Loisa and Joshua are now paired off with other people, we will still remember the charming promdi and the talented young lady we met and fell in love with inside the house.


3. ToMiho

Love transcends language. This is what made people fall in love with Tommy Esguerra and Miho Nishida’s tandem. They proved to everyone that the universal language isn’t English or Japanese—it’s love. ToMiho’s raw and real feelings, which they showed inside the PBB house made their fans wild, but it was only outside of the house that they officially became a couple. Miho gave Tommy  her “matamis na oo” during their segment on It’s Showtime in December 2015.

But as in love as they were with each other, maybe some things just really weren't meant to be. Tommy and Miho may have recently parted ways, but we will always remember their happy moments and the fact that they made us believe in love against all odds.


4. BaiLona

The youngest on our list, Bailey and Ylona's story inside the Pinoy Big Brother house is a typical boy-meets-girl story. They became friends and developed a crush for each other. While we can't really tell the real score between these two, it's perfectly alright—after all, the two are still young and their friendship is what really matters! We can still get kilig from their innocent but sweet encounters!


5. McLisse

McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson's unexpected tandem made waves in the industry when they were paired up in Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7. The former Chalk cover couple's appeal to the audience can't be denied, especially when shippers die of their overwhelming sweetness and care for each other—it just feels so real that even your lola will feel the kilig!

6. MayWard

Maymay Entratra and Edward Barber’s funny and charming connection captured everybody’s hearts during PBB: Lucky Season 7, and there's no stopping them. MayWard is like your typical rom-com leads—a simple girl with a larger-than-life personality meets a dashing debonair with a silly side that everybody falls for. True enough, all of us did fall for them! For now, the two maintain that they are really good friends, but we can't help but hope that their relationship blossoms into love! For now, the MayWard fan service would have to suffice.

Reality show loveteams give people hope that, yes, real love—whether friendship or something more—still exists even in this digital day and age. Who's your favorite love team? Tell us in the comments!


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Banner photograph from Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin Official Poster.




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