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In Focus: 10 Things Only Trinitians Would Understand

In Focus: 10 Things Only Trinitians Would Understand



Not everyone is familiar with the Trinity University of Asia or TUA. Most people still call our school as Trinity College of Quezon City, which is understandable as the school achieved its university status only in 2006.

Probably unknown to most, TUA boasts of a tight-knit community with its small student population. In Trinity, you may know almost everyone, and it's not hard to relate to just about everyone. If you're a Trinitian student or alumnus, you'll definitely know most of the stuff below!


1. Catwalk. Its length is literally three basketball courts, good enough for a fantasy runway walk. Ang hirap mag madali kapag maarte ang nasa harap mo—feeling model, pinanindigan ang "catwalk." HOY, LATE NA AKO!

2. Late signal. If Batman has his Bat Signal, we Trinitians have our late signal. When you just entered the university and you hear, "Hail beloved Trinity behold your colors wave high..." Bes, late ka na! Naka-lock na ang pinto! Takbo!


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3. Trinity Bookstore. If you're not in the mood and you need a confidence boost, try going to the Trinity Bookstore. The attendant will always ask you, "Hi, ganda! Ano sa'yo?" Feeling long hair ka naman agad!

4. Mr. and Ms. TUA. Trinity's version of Miss Universe. This is the only time the Henry Noble Gymasium gets to be called "jam-packed" complete with a screaming crowd. Like most of the Filipino population, Trinitians are pageant-obsessed!

5. San yo'n? A question every Trinitian is too tired to answer when asked where Trinity is located. The generic answer is, "Near St. Lukes E. Rodriguez." Hirap mag-explain. Kausapin nalang kayo ni Trinity.

6. Jollibee's real name. Trinitians will make fun of everything. Right across our school is a Jollibee branch where we usually eat. So what, right? And, as jokesters, we know how to make something simple into something funny. Actually, we discovered Jollibee's real name—it's Jollibee E. Rodriguez. *cue fake laugh*

7. Munch Potato. If we need a potato fix and we don't have enough time to go to Waltermart E. Rodriguez for Potato Corner, we settle for Munch Potato in our school canteen. They sell fries, hash browns, cheese logs, twister fries—they sell anything potato. Yummerz.


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8. Puntod. When we were freshies, we actually thought that puntod was some sort of a haunted place in Trinity. Later on, we'd find out that Puntod is called Puntod (maybe) because it's where students usually do school stuff with their laptops making it look like a freaking cemetery.

9. School Hymn and Core Values. If you want to earn bonus points on your exam, make sure to memorize the school hymn and the school's core values. They usually pop up as bonus questions.


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10. SLCN vs TUA. Every Foundation Week, expect the St. Lukes College of Nursing versus the entire university to be on. We don't know when the rivalry started, but it's been like that ever since we stepped foot in Trinity. Every college feels the same—it's okay to lose to other colleges as long as SLCN didn't win either.


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For fellow Trinitians out there, think we missed something? Tell us all your favorite things about our alma mater by commenting below!


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Banner photograph from Trinity University of Asia.




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