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In Focus: Our Favorite Celebs Get Mushy With Their Uber-Sweet Mother's Day Messages

In Focus: Our Favorite Celebs Get Mushy With Their Uber-Sweet Mother's Day Messages



We couldn't help but melt over some celebrities sending their well-wishes, thank yous, and I love yous to their moms last Mother's Day weekend. We even got a peek at sweet photos of them and their moms together! Here are some of our fave celeb shoutouts—join us as we say a collective 'Aww!'


Anne Curtis

Since she's busy with It's Showtime and other projects that fill up her daily schedule, Anne Curtis doesn't get to see her mom everyday. Here, you can really feel how much Anne misses her!

Julia Barretto

This childhood photo of Julia with her mom Marjorie easily sums up their tight relationship. Even if Julia grew up in the limelight, her close-knit ties with her mom never changed!

Elisse Joson

Elisse Joson deserves an A for effort, after gifting her mom a painting she did herself. Go on and read the accompanying caption, as you try not to tear up!

McCoy De Leon

In this collage, McCoy's mom obviously can't be any prouder of McCoy's achievements. But it's the actor's message for his mom—recognizing her hardwork and sacrifices for their family—that made us a bit teary-eyed. We feel you, McCoy!

Maymay Entrata

Relishing her first taste of success, Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky Season 7 winner Maymay Entrata remains thankful to the people who have helped shape her to who she is today—her mom and her grandmother. #ForeverGrateful? There's no hashtag more fitting than that!

Edward Barber

Edward Barber's message to his mom is equal parts touching and funny—"Thank you [for] feeding me and making me healthy." It's true, moms only want what's best for us, after all!

Kira Balinger

Kapamilya actress Kira Balinger shared this snapshot of her and her Mom accompanying her at work. It's a reminder of how our moms are always willing to sacrifice for us any day of the week!

Marco Gallo

PBB alum Marco Gallo wasn't afraid to share details of his relationship with his mom. It's something that we can all relate to–that despite some fights, our mothers will always remain by our side, and that we owe them to be a better person!

Tanner Mata

Apart from showing us that their family is one good-looking brood, Tanner Mata's Instagram post for his mom also induced the "Aww!" Tanner busted all that toughie image with the very sweet caption, too. We can only wish we can express ourselves as well as he does!  

Alexa Ilacad

Two things. One: Alexa Ilacad's mom looks amazing. Two: Alexa's message to her mom is the sweetest! It's a reminder that even if we can't always say what we really feel inside, this holiday is our chance to show and tell our moms just how much she means to us.

Mother's Day might be a once-a-year event, but we think that everyday should be Mother's Day! So, take your cue from these stars and tell your mom just how much you love and appreciate her! 


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Banner photograph from Maymay's Instagram.




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