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In Focus: These Stunning Male Teachers Are The Best Things To Happen To Higher Learning

In Focus: These Stunning Male Teachers Are The Best Things To Happen To Higher Learning

Blame it on rampaging hormones, but it didn’t take a lot for any male teacher to be considered “hot.” As long as he had a full head of hair, was under the age of 30, and had a relatively passable fashion sense, it was enough to launch a flurry of giggles and whispers when they walked into a classroom.

These male educators we're about to introduce, however, are on a different playing field.

Not only do they excel at their profession—they look ridiculously good doing it, too. These men seem to have it all: eye-popping good looks, a dash of style (either sartorially or in swagger), and a generous helping of charisma. Add an impressive cache of academic qualifications into the mix and they suddenly become too hot to handle.


Dr. Henry Shevlin 

It seems as if the world is filled with a bevy of gorgeous men. But, hot ones with a British accent and PhD degree? A rare breed indeed. Not only is Henry jolly enjoyable to look at, he makes lectures bloody marvelous to listen to. With academic roots from Oxford University, this British bae earned his doctorate degree from CUNY Graduate Center while teaching Philosophy of The Mind at Baruch College, New York for 6 years, winning the Presidential Award for Teaching Excellence to boot. Henry is now set to move to the University of Cambridge with his lovely wife (sorry folks, he's taken!) and adorable son.


Matt Mrozek 

Pre-Calculus might be the bane of most student's existence, but a stone cold fox like Matt Mrozek is a sure antidote to your fear of asymptotes. This stellar stud broke the internet in 2015 when he busted out some 'Hotline Bling' moves that will give Drake a run for his money. Time to schedule an emergency consultation about hard and soft limits, don't you think? 


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Marc-André Patry

Burning questions about what it means to be human suddenly becomes that much riveting if you have Marc-André as your mentor. This hot Humanities professor at Commission scolaire de Montréal in Quebec, Canada got his bachelor's degree in Education from the University of Quebec. Lectures on the rise and fall of ancient civilizations in a scrumptious French accent, anyone? Yes, please.

Joe Dombrowski

Good looks aside, there is nothing primary about this English-teaching man candy. Joe is winning the hearts of his grade schoolers with his irreverent yet engaging approach to education. He  finds creative ways to stimulate his students' love for learning with fake spelling quizzes and daily dance routines that make for very interesting classroom sessions. With these tricks in his arsenal, this is one teacher who can surely bring out the kid in any hot blooded adult. Enough reason to brush up on your rudimentaries, eh?


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Pietro Boselli

It's quite the coincidence that a certified dreamboat like Pietro would specialize in mathematical modelling. He is, after all, both a sought after commercial model and an mechanical engineering PhD who occasionally moonlights as a lecturer. His luscious looks first caught the world by storm when one of his students for engineering math at the University College of London posted a snap that went viral on social media. With all these points that add up to a massive sum of gorgeousness, is it any wonder that he has been hailed as the 'world’s sexiest maths teacher' by newspapers and magazines around the world?


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Dr. Adam Alter

A social psychologist who is an associate professor at the Stern School of Business at New York University, Adam penned a book about society's addiction to modern digital products. According to his in-depth research, it seems that the modern world is literally addicted to digital screens, with people increasingly hooked to the high that  technology brings. Perhaps, the good professor is to blame as well, since his magnetic good looks are enough to keep anyone riveted to any screen, large or small.

David Macklovitch

Black leather and dark Wayfarers does not seem to fit the typical sartorial sensibility of a professor. But, David is out to prove otherwise. A bonafide Teaching Fellow and PhD candidate in the French and Romance Philology department at Columbia University, this beautiful bloke is out to prove that he is the indisputable professor of cool. Did we mention that he is also the other half of Chromeo, a synth-heavy, electro-funk duo from Montreal? You can take a deep breath to calm your racing heartbeats.


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