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Ryan Rems is Laughter Personified

Ryan Rems is Laughter Personified

Laidback, silent, reserved. On a first encounter, those three words may best describe Ryan Rems, grand winner of It’s Showtime’s “Funny One”. But the moment he opens his mouth, well let’s just say, that’s entirely a different story.

ABS-CBN Lifestyle had the chance to sit one-on-one with the comedian whose fame skyrocketed exponentially through his humor and witty one-liners. Sharing another side of him probably unknown to many people, Ryan opens up and to tell you quite frankly, the conversation couldn’t have gone more wildly well. It was almost like a real stand-up comedy show—only he was sitting this time—to say the least.

We transcribed the interview for your reading pleasure. You can thank us later when you’re done laughing out loud.



Q: Who do you look up to as inspiration and why?

Ryan: Si Gary Lising, kasi lahat ng interviews niya yata walang sense, so gusto ko din maging non-sense… na kumikita.

Now, that makes total sense!

Ryan: Pati mga one-liners sa humor ko, naka-pattern lang actually sakanya.


Q: Comment on this – The funniest people are the saddest people.

Ryan: Oo totoo yon. Lalo na pag nag-professional level ka, kapag bad night or bad set a.k.a “waley”. Nahihirapan matulog. Yun mga kasama ko din sa Comedy Manila ganun. Nung nag-tanungan kami, kala ko ako lang. Sila rin pala. So tingin ko sakit yon.

But you know what they say, “mabuti nang walang tulog, kesa walang gising!”


Q: What do you think are the great makings of a comedian?

Ryan: Kelangan sakto lang un katalinuhan tyaka un kabobohan. Kelangan even siya kasi wala naman genius na nakakatawa. Kaya dapat hand in hand, talino at kabobohan.

We get it and we think that answer is just plain smart to be honest.


Q: 3 things you’ve realized in your craft.

Ryan: 1) Mas ok yun good set na barya lang, kesa sa malaking bayad na medyo waley.

2) Masarap ang beer pagkatapos, whether good set or bad set.

3) Mas masarap kapag iba un nagbabayad sa beer.

Oh man, does he love his beer!


Q: 3 things that make Ryan Rems sad.

Ryan: 1) Pag mag-isa lang sa kuwarto tapos walang salamin. Pag may salamin ok na ‘eh. Kasi nakikita ko un sarili ko na, “Uy, andyan ka pala.”

2) Kapag may mas magaling mag-skateboard sakin, medyo hindi na ko nagsa-skateboard pero nai-insecure lang ako kapag mas magaling sila mag-skateboard sakin kesa nun prime ko mag-skateboard.

3) Kapag wala ‘yon gamot ko sa asthma sa botika, kasi maghahanap na naman ako ng isa pang botika.



Q: Greatest fulfillment you get from the job.

Ryan: Hindi dito eh. Nun nagta-trabaho ako nun as an online teacher, nagkaroon akong extra income na P 1,600 for being the teacher of the month. Sobrang proud ko nun.

Dito naman, ‘yon nadala ko ‘yon Comedy Manila, ‘yon ang pinaka-greatest fulfillment ko kasi pinapa-lakas ko talaga un Comedy Manila. Kasi ang showbiz naman minsan flavor of the month lang eh. So pag wala na ko sa ABS (CBN), at least malakas na un Comedy Manila, medyo nakilala na. Lagi ko ini-endorse un kada-TV appearance ko, dun ako nang-galing kasi. Returning the favor.

Hmmm. We’re thinking he’s sort of related to Rizal. Kudos for paying it forward!


Q: When you’re sad how do you gather yourself to make other people laugh?

Ryan: Nalimutan ko kung sinong nag-sabi pero mayroon nag-relay sakin, “Comedians know how sad life is so they don’t want others to feel as well. So pag nakaka-kita ako ng (taong malungkot)… o kaya sa bars kapag gusto nila makinig ng stand up, di ko rin alam eh, pero parang gusto ko sila mapasaya kasi alam ko un nararamdaman nila.

Aww. Now that’s very thoughtful of you, Ryan.


Q: Your words to live by, maybe the one you’d tell your kid someday.

Ryan: Anak, baog ako.

We couldn’t help but laugh boisterously at that one. We thought we couldn’t recover until he managed to come up with a more serious answer.

Ryan: Pilitin mong umabot hanggang bukas dahil minsan ang bukas ay di na darating.

And for a while there, we were left speechless. Bet, like us, you didn’t see that coming.


So now you’ve discovered how much he loves his beer, his mirror, skateboard, and all that but that’s not it. Because the other side of Ryan we’ve been talking about? Well it turns out, it’s as funny, if not funnier than the other one!

Ryan is just packed with jokes that almost seemed to come out of nowhere bringing nothing to the table but a good load of laughter. And while he thinks showbiz depends on the flavor of the month, we think that regardless of how small the act or how “waley” the joke is, his genuine desire to make people happy is a best-seller flavor we won’t mind having every day.





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