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In Focus: Where To Have Adventurous Dates With Your BFF

In Focus: Where To Have  Adventurous Dates With Your BFF



If there's one person who will be with you through thick and thin (aside from your family, obvs), it's your best friend. They'll be with you during long, boring days when you'll just sit on your ass out moping around and on days when you just need a human beer dispenser and when you need a cure for the hangover the next morning. You'll never get tired of the same-old routine if you're with your BFF; but, just like any relationship, you'll need to keep things interesting and do stuff you wouldn't imagine doing with anyone else but your partner-in-crime. So take this time, plan your week, and choose which adventurous date you'd want to do with your BFF!


Inflatable Island

Before summer ends, bring your best buds to Inflatable Island in Subic! This new attraction gets your competitive hormones raging because not only do you get to enjoy the beach, you'll also have the option to bounce your way past fun obstacles to get your adrenaline pumping! Don't forget to try the Human Launcher and the Big Freaking Blob! Visit Inflatable Island for more details. 


Ball Pit Manila

As a kid, you probably spent a lot of time in mall or fast food restaurant ball pits. Now that you're a young adult, we're pretty sure you miss diving headfirst into the playpen of your childhood. Well, don't worry, you can do that in Ball Pit Manila with your bestie! Swing, jump, and roll your way to fun—it's perfect for injecting some life into an otherwise boring summer! Reserve slots now at Ball Pit Manila.


Lazer Maxx

If you and your BFF are competitive AF, then get your game face on at the best lasertag chain in the country! Let's be real, there are times when you annoy the hell out of each other, so this is the closest you'll ever get at actually "beating up" your best friend—because you know you can't stand hurting them in real life, anyway! For more info, log on to Lazer Maxx.


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Climb Central

This is for when your best friend gets all #BundokGoals, but you know you can't stand the thought of sweating it out and climbing an actual mountain. Climb Central is the next best thing—it's air-conditioned, you have all the safety equipment you need, plus, it's located near many pubs in Mandaluyong where you can go to grab a drink after breaking a sweat. For more info, log on to Climb Central.


Flying Trapeze

If you want to fly—literally—then this is a must-try. Go all Cirque du Soleil together and feel the rush as you hang and do backflips in the air. If you're feeling confident, you can even catch each other mid-air! If you and your friend are adrenaline junkies then this will give you the high you need! Log on to Flying Trapeze for more details. 


What is the wildest date you've been in with your BFF? Tell us in the comments below.

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