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Love Actually: Spotlight On Model Moms And Beautiful Tales Of Their Second Wind In Love

Love Actually: Spotlight On Model Moms And Beautiful Tales Of Their Second Wind In Love

One thing we know for sure: Single moms are some of the strongest people in this world. Motherhood in itself is already very challenging, what more doing it on your own? So while we're all for women running the world and being brilliant at juggling motherhood with their careers and everything in between, we also believe single moms deserve another shot at love.

To the single momma reading this, don't be afraid to take that leap of faith again. We're behind you, praying and rooting for your holistic bliss. Here are five women who are proof that happy ever after can exist even if you've already decided to devote your life to taking care of your children:

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1. Rissa Mananquil-Trillo. She spent most of her 20s raising not just her son Enzo, but also playing an important role in nurturing the Philippine modeling industry as the president of the Professional Models Association of the Philippines. Rissa now has one of the most peg-worthy marriages with basketball coach Paolo Trillo, and their lovely little family is just true #goals. Enzo has grown into a fine young man, and there are two adorable and already chic-for-their-age additions to the Trillo brood: Celestia and Audra. Oh, and another baby Rissa has been raising wonderfully? Homegrown cosmetics brand Happy Skin.

2. Sarah Meier-Heredia. Who would've thought that someone from high school would turn out to be supermodel and host Sarah Meier's one great love? She and now husband Jon Heredia's passion and unconditional love for each other outlasted distance, timezones, and the craziest of schedules and they're now happily settled in the United States with Sarah's brilliant and stylish young daughter, Kaya. But even if Sarah is currently miles away from Asia, she continues to inspire women in this side of the world with her words and values as Metro Magazine editor-at-large and one of the founders of online community She Talks Asia.

3. Marina Benipayo. Bb. Pilipinas MAJA 1992, supermodel, and actress Marina Benipayo and long-time beau actor Ricardo Cepeda's love story is just too cute! They started out in the modeling industry at the same time when they were teenagers, and had a little love blossoming but it never really panned out. Decades later, the spark was still there and they've since been in a steady and committed relationship approved by both their sets of kids.

4. Issa Litton. Though Issa may be busy with her thriving hosting career and duties as brand ambassador of everything from skincare to homecare, she manages to not just be a hands-on mom but also one who finds unique ways to bond with her kids. She recently finished a marathon with her eldest daughter! In the love department, Issa is happily committed to lifestyle columnist Philip Cu-Unjieng. 

5. Angel Jacob. The iconic pixie-haired beauty is not just gorgeous good looks, but also substance and a strong point of view. While she occasionally still dabbles in modeling and indie films, she's focused on empowering women through a magazine show entitled leading women. This while raising a headstrong and talented daughter. Love came her way in the form of another smart and opinionated being himself, host and entrepreneur Manu Sandejas.


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